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Why are Asians layers ahead in Skin Care?

When it comes to intensive skin care and innovative solutions to maintain a smooth, soft, and supple skin, the Asians are light years  ahead of the rest of the world. The Koreans, Chinese, and the Japanese seem to have an innate ability to identify what is best for their skin. Backed with knowledge gained from centuries of exploration and experimentation, Asians have the expertise to lead the world in the realm of skin care with confidence.

First of all, it is in the very perspective of beauty. There is a world of difference in the way the Asians and the Western world approach beauty. Caring for and pampering one's skin is ingrained in the mind of every Korean, since childhood, as a normal daily activity. It is viewed as a respectful ritual you owe your skin, and not a favor you are bestowing upon it. The famed, multi-step ritual for maintaining a glowing complexion is considered as natural as brushing your teeth daily to have healthy teeth. The innumerable cosmetics that are part and parcel of every Korean household are not items of luxury, but are treated as daily necessities!

In the Japanese cosmetics industry, there are no location-specific treatment creams or lotions. All products are formulated for the overall nourishment of the skin. The Asians in general appear to be more knowledgeable about the quality of ingredients used. The Korean consumer, in particular, will not tolerate any cheap or sub-standard ingredients in cosmetics. Consequently, the manufacturers are also very cautious and desist from using ingredients of dubious quality. This is why Korean skin care products are acclaimed around the world for their impeccable quality.

Asian spend more time on skin care

Asians also tend to spend more time on their skin care regimen. They will use many more products and use them more frequently, for specific concerns. These may include double cleansers, softening lotion, emulsions for particular locations, serums, sheet masks to address specific concerns, and lastly, the moisturizer! This elaborate and seemingly laborious ritual will surely take a lot of time, but the luminous skin that is the result of this daily routine, is sure to take the beholder's breadth away!

Asians have the double cleanse as an integral part of their skincare regimen. They use oil cleansers first to break up and remove the layer of sunscreen and makeup off. Then comes foaming cleanser that gives a good wash and renders your skin clean and bright. Korean and Japanese consumers are also very particular about the active ingredients in their beauty products. They prefer natural and nature - inspired ingredients - simple and elemental, like cucumbers, green tea, and berries, to the absolute exotic like snail mucin, bee sting venom, star fish extract, and the maple sap.

Korean cosmetics have always had an edge over the other Asian competitors. With their penchant for innovation, the Korean beauty industry continues to interest and intrigue consumers with its products. Take a look at the complete range of Korean cosmetics for superior skincare from Skin18. Take your pick from Skin18's Lotions, Serums, Ampoules, Creams, Face sheet Masks, Toners, and Moisturizers. Explore new choices for keeping your skin beautiful, young , and glowing by taking the Asian route to perfect skin!

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