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Why Chinese Prefer Korean Over Western Beauty Brands?

China’s a dream market for any manufacturer and exporter in the world. The biggest market on our planet has an insatiable appetite, but also very specific and demanding customers. Finding the secret key for this beauty market’s magical door can reward you with almost $16 billion. Now, you see what the very reason was for some of the most popular brands in this field to put Chinese markets among their top priorities. To make the game even more interesting, this fruitful cosmetic market has a constant growth of between 11 and 13% on a yearly level.

However, under the given well-known circumstances at the global level, we’ve expected the smooth and overwhelming domination of the Western beauty brands in China. To our biggest surprise, the Korean beauty cavalry is taking over the lead. Why? What could be a reason for some very serious players in this field, such as Revlon, Garnier, including L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, and even Avon, to leave the Chinese cosmetic battlefield without a serious fight? It would be a ridiculous and even a prejudicial thing to say that for some particular reason Chinese women prefer Korean cosmetic. Gangnam style has nothing to do with, that’s for sure.

Western Beauty Brands got support!

The Western beauty brands we’ve mentioned have the support of the entire entertainment industry, including Hollywood itself, for their promotional purposes. Yet, all of these simply fades when confronted with the Korean beauty industry. So, what’s the catch here? It turns out that Chinese women, just like in any other place on our planet, are driven primarily by the results and effectiveness, when making a choice of their most preferred skin care product. When you add to it quite an affordable price for the Korean beauty products, then you got yourself a win-win combination, which is really hard to challenge.

Efficient and Affordable

So, let’s summarize some of our findings here. Chinese women give a strong advantage to Korean over the Western beauty brands, because they’re more efficient and affordable. In addition, we shouldn’t forget to mention that the entire concept of Korean cosmetics perfectly corresponds with the Asian beauty philosophy. There are no fast-food-cosmetic results or solutions in Asia. Here, time isn’t money, when it comes to beauty and flawless skin quality and care. As a matter of facts, the Korean cosmetic giant is already focusing its attention toward the West. The world is just not enough for Korean cosmetic industry, for a reason.

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