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The Korean Skin-Care Phenomenon

The Korean Skin care is taking everyone with a storm. With the arrival of BB cream on the American shores, it’s not showing any signs of slowing down and is taking everyone in its stride.

Reasons for Success

If we closely analyses the reasons for its success then we can easily see that its appeal lies in the fact that it keeps to its roots and embraces nature like no other and emphasizes on use of natural extracts and chemicals to preserve the naturalness of our skin as well as protect it from any outside damage.

Not only this looking from the financial viewpoint it has thrown open a completely new demographic by introducing far cheaper skin care products without compromising on quality and has already outpaced its American counterparts by more than 10 years. Now even a common man who wished to get good skincare products but couldn’t afford the high costs associated with it can now easily afford to spend on their skin care, thanks to the Korean phenomenon.  A facial sheet mask for US$0.8 only from Beauty Friends is an awesome example and they have 22 types of ingredients to be selected from which is basically affordable to everyone. (Beauty FriendsEssence Mask Sheet)

Also the Koreans have shown a great business acumen by adding parables in their products which are known to restrict bacteria growth and American companies are just realizing to add them into their products back as it has been claimed by Koreans that if parables are necessary add it but if not avoid them which is in complete contrast to the American’s abstinence of parables.

Also a strong word of mouth and a seemingly youthful look among Koreans have further fueled their demand from consumers who are more attracted in imparting its users a younger look than it being based on natural products. Never with standing the fact that Korean skin care involves more steps than a normal American make up routine people don’t mind going through those extra steps to regain that extra oomph and youthful  looks which so many of us still crave for.

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