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Are Korean Beauty Products the Next Big Thing?

 Today, much attention has been paid to Korea’s beauty scene since the 2012 BB cream introduction. BB cream is one of the successful exports that Korea has been able to make as it is now a household name in the United States. Korea’s beauty products are continually offered by U.S cosmetics companies and retailers. Korea has been able to outshine Japan, which was once branded as the Asian beauty innovator.

Females in Korea are voracious when it comes to beauty consumption, and this has enabled the beauty companies to remain prolific.  According to Erin Flaherty, a health and beauty director, globalization has been the leading catalyst that fosters beauty related innovations in Korea. The savvy nature of Korean women about skin care has made their American female counterparts to want in.

Tony Moly, which is a Korean cosmetics company, has been dominating the American beauty market up until now. Like Estee Launder of Asia, Tony Moly has diversified their brand and that has facilitated its provision of multiple brands in the market. Its products are selling in one of the biggest American’s chain store Sephora; it is quite affordable and exclusively for the U.S target market and lastly the Innis Free which is starting to open up their own chair store in the U.S.

There are many new brands with innovative ideas that not yet hit the market but discovered by Skin18

Innovative Entrepreneurs

In the past years, one had to purchase these brands through international online sites or eBay, which is no longer compulsory. Obtaining Korean brands has now been simplified courtesy of the innovative entrepreneurs who saw a market gap in the U.S markets and exploited it. Other numerous business sites such as Amazon have also emerged with each having its distinctive aesthetics.

Last year a new e-commerce site was established by Alicia Yoon and Cindy Kim, who met in Korea, which specializes in the provision of Korean and Japanese cosmetics. These two friends frequently visit Korea so as to obtain new inventories in the market. They accepted products that are not only popular in Korea but also reach certain quality standards and are in accordance to their philosophy. Alicia Yoon and Cindy Kim highly recommend products that are organic, not complex to use and are differentiated.  This year, we have the founder of Skin18 got the inspiration after visint Korea to continue obtaining new inventories in the market. Skin18 do not see it as a business, we do research, use it, test it and share it.  Our founder likes to share and gave away a lot of freebies to people around her to try because of her routine transformation.

For traveling from places to places for 30 years, It is clear that there is a big difference in beauty cosmetics used in Korea and the rest of the world. However, Korea is trying its level best to counter the gap because skin care is next to the Korean culture. Korean brands have been able to penetrate different markets in different countries, and people are paying attention to them. It is therefore up to us to decide whether or not we think Korean beauty products are the next big thing.


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