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Skin Care Regime: Korean vs American

Korean Skin Care regime as we all know includes a lot of steps as compared to American Skin care regime.

American skin care doesn’t go into much detail and limits itself to cleansing, toning and lastly moisturizing and now due to globalization and with the realization that sun protection and applying a face mask can be equally beneficial for one’s skin health have been incorporated in this regime recently.

But compared to the American regime Korean Skin care regime has its roots in history and Koreans take a great pride in stringently following up on maintenance and nurturing of their skin which shows up on their seemingly spotless and freckle free skin.

In American regime stress is mainly put on keeping your skin clean and to use toners to keep the natural state of your skin and to prevent dehydration of skin apply moisturizers to retain moisture of one’s skin.

Emphasis on Different varieties

The Korean regime mainly differs with the fact that apart from use of cleansers and toners it also stresses on use of essences, serums and emulsions which have a greater effect on skin health and maintain its normal pH and prevent it from becoming too oily or too dry and take care of any skin complaints. Also applications differs a lot in both regimes where the latter puts onus on gently rubbing the liquids on your skin taking your time as compared to the former which stresses on saving one’s time and not putting too much time applying toning or moisturizing.

Also one more ingenuity in Korean regime is use of Skin sheets which have proved a boon for many as they help in removing dirt from your skin as well as preserving your skin and not make it too dry unlike other face masks and prevented people with dry skins from using it.


Also a great stress is put on use of sunscreens to protect ones skin from harmful UV rays. Even American companies have woken up to benefits of sunscreens and have taken out a variety of products to deal with sun protection.

But Koreans have already proved miles ahead in this race where the sunscreens designed by them is equally good in protecting them from damage from sun’s rays as well as prevent any damage to skin by using natural products which sadly cannot be said about their American counterparts.

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