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Skin care innovations ride the wave of Korean beauty

The leading Korean market in terms of Skin care innovation and a range of beauty products:

 Beauty is a term intrinsically attached with Korean history and culture. The western world might have been a pioneer of a handful of the coming-of-age technologies and consumer products, but South Korea still dominates the discovery of  beauty products which include the BB Cream, CC Cream, Buffalo milk, to name a few.

Every Korean woman undergoes a lengthy process daily to achieve one vital goal: perfect skin. “The Korean ideal of fair, dewy skin is such an intrinsic part of their culture — not just in terms of skin care, but in terms of overall beauty and health,” says Hilary Burns-LaRiche, Marketing Manager for Sulwhasoo, a luxury Korean skin care company owned by AmorePacific, one of the largest cosmetics companies in Asia.

The essential Korean beauty products:

BB cream: “Beauty balms” or “blemish balms” are a multi-purpose skincare product, essentially tinted moisturizers with the additional benefits of a sunscreen, anti-ageing cream, foundations, concealers and skin repairers.

CC cream: “Color control” or “color correcting” creams, which give more coverage than BB creams and are meant to correct redness, unevenness and sallowness of skin.

Beauty masks: Made from the ancient herbs and traditional ingredients these beauty masks are the ideal solution for every lady troubled with skin woes.

A glimpse of the traditional Korean Beauty products:

Donkey milk: It has been used in beauty rituals for thousands of years, prized for its anti-ageing and nourishing properties. It is rumored that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra herself was a devoted user of Donkey milk.

Green Tea: The traditional Korean masks were made of Organic Green Tea; this a one-time shot for one’s morning skin. This is easily available in the market and well within the budget of every lady.

Yeast Sauce: Often referred to as ‘angel tears’ or ‘miracle water’, an 80 percent concentrated solution of Yeast is the perfect solution to an ageing, sagging skin. It brings back freshness and is one of the Korean secrets known only by a handful!

Eggs: Nothing can be a more conveniently available, cheaper beauty treatment product than egg. It acts as an excellent cleanser for the face, the foaming action of white of the egg can do wonders to even the most sensitive skin.

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