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Korean Skincare Beauty Products Set The New Standards For The US Cosmetic Industry

For quite some time, we got used to accept the indisputable Western dominance in setting the new beauty trends and standards on a global level by default. However, the things have obviously changed beyond recognition in an unprecedented and unparalleled way. The Asian beauty products, particularly those coming from South Korea, have conquered some of the most prestigious markets by the storm. How?

New Kids On The US Beauty Block

It turns out that the most powerful secret weapon the Korean cosmetic industry had at its disposal was a word-of-mouth reference. The stunning beauty of Korean women, where it was almost impossible to tell for certain their age, just could not be ignored. Before you know it, the urban legend about the miraculous effects of Korean beauty products spread like a wildfire all over the US market. It may be a little bit hard for you to believe, but one of the most popular search terms on Google in 2014, with a strong geographical indication of a relevance to the cosmetic industry was directly associated with the Korean beauty products. Here is more. Did you know that one of the most quoted articles in the field was the “Korean Skincare Trends Taking Over The US Beauty Industry”, which even the Forbes itself could not neglect.

The Sun Of Timeless Beauty Raises In The East

In case you are still taken by surprise, when it comes to this “sudden” dominance of the Korean Beauty Products, then there are some things you should know about Korean women. Although, the Korean beauty products are considerably affordable compared to their Western competitors, you should be fully aware that Korean women spend twice as much on cosmetics than the women in the USA. In addition, the Korean cosmetic industry has more than $10 billion at its disposal on a yearly level. How about that, for a change? On the other side, the very structure of Korean beauty solutions provides fantastic monetizing opportunities for partners, distributors, and affiliates. Why? The average number or products a Korean woman uses as a part of her daily beauty treatment routine very often include more than 20 items. This has become a new standard for the US women, as well.

At the end of our long and exhausting working days, where we have to deal with our colleagues and children, we don’t bother to ask, what’s a label on our beauty product that works for real? Right? However, we couldn’t help ourselves noticing that the beauty products Made-In-Korea double the repeat purchase rates and month-to-month lines of growth with an amazing ease.

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