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American Skin Care vs. Korean Skin Care

In the contemporary world, women have prioritized their personal skin care and beauty to the extent that they can spend a lot of time in the dressing room as opposed to the dining table. People may vary on how they pay attention to their skin as a result of distinct cultures and climates. All over the world, women take issues of skin care seriously, but in Korean skin care they have a higher dimension different from that of America.

The differences in skincare between Korea and America are quite fascinating. Korean women have a long history in skin care methods such as making the skin supple by eliminating wrinkles over the years. Having all this knowledge and experience at their disposal, they have a unique approach to skincare, and their products are differentiated from that of America in every ingredient. Their skincare products have natural and organic ingredients.


America has lesser skin care routines as compared to the many skin care routines that Korea practices. America, skin care routine, is made up of three primary steps which begins with cleansing, secondly toning and the last step is moisturizing. However, these three steps are common to both American and Korean skin care methods. Cleansing involves the use of The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil to cleanse any makeup on the skin mostly using the fingers. Making gentle and circular movements on the skin using your fingers removes the make-ups on the skin which in turn improves circulation and skin brightness.

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The Toner is the second step in skin care routines. Toners are watery, that are used to reduce the pores appearance. The toner is commonly used on the face and can be applied in various ways. Lastly, there is the Moisturizer. In both American and Korean skin care, the skin is layered until you get a feeling that you have been mummified. The skin is again massaged with light strokes so as to penetrate the skin deeply. The skin is then hydrated after the cleansing and toning. The moisture cream is then applied to the skin to look nice.

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Korean Skin Care routine, on the contrary, has five basic steps, but in observation they are more. There is the cleansing, Toner, followed by Emulsion; Essence is also done, and lastly the Moisturizer. For your skin to feel revitalized and young, you should repeat these steps each and every day. Proper skin care is essential in the current society due to the increased pollution.

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