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Traditional Asian Skincare Secrets Revealed – How To Achieve The Breathtaking Softness And Smoothness Of Your Flawless Skin

One of the most common misconceptions about the beauty industry, particularly skincare as we know it today, is our prejudicial readiness to locate in the Western European in the 19th or 18th century. However, the surprising and revealing truth is that the most prestigious cosmetic fruits for our skin and beauty came from the East. In addition, when the Asian women talk about cosmetics they have centuries of first-hand experiences on their minds. Without any exaggeration we can say that traditional Asian skincare treatment and solutions have stubbornly endured through centuries, while proving their worth to the numerous generations of women, who stopped the time for real.

What Do Korean Women Know About Flawless Skin?


Long before the invention of computer and smartphones Korean women had limited possibilities and modest funds at their disposal for their cosmetic needs. However, their greatest advantage was strong and exclusive orientation toward the natural organic ingredients for their skincare products. On the other side, the overwhelming experience carefully and patiently accumulated by their mothers and grandmothers was the most trusted ally in this field, they could possibly find. It is also worth mentioned that the entire concept of Korean skincare and beauty enhancers is based on a specific and profound life philosophy. Instead of using the numerous skin care products in order to show off, an Asian woman treats these elements as the genuine food for their skin. This deep understanding of processes, which contribute to our skin’s health and flawless appearance, directly stimulates the approach of reaching the most influential cellular levels, rather than to put one layer above the other on the surface skin level.

Go East, If You Want To Travel Through Time


Although, it certainly sounds like the most annoying cliché you can possibly hear, the truth is that successful voyage toward long lasting beauty begins from within. How? In order for the Korean skincare products to really work for you, it is crucial to embrace some of the traditional wisdom and different way of thinking associated with them. That is the very reason why the SKIN 18 Team strongly advocates an eclectic approach, which demands of you a proactive approach. We don’t need silent and obedient dolls, who are going to be lost behind the endless layers of ineffective cosmetic products. We encourage you to begin a journey of self-exploration and self-interrogation. When we say that you have to listen what your skin has to say to you, we really mean it. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of all centuries hidden in each and any carefully selected component of Korean skincare solutions? You can pay a visit to the very first shop you see and get yourself the most shining bottle, which has an eye-catching label with words beauty, miracle and skin on it. If you are really up to something different, which stands out from the crowd of cosmetic industry SKIN 18 welcomes you.

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