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Korean Skincare & Beauty Regime - More than just skin deep

If ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’, then walking along the streets of any place in Korea must be described as sheer bliss! Whether it is the busy market place, or the bustling sub way, or the serene Buddhist temples, there is always beauty to behold. I came across so many different women of various ages, professions, and social stature, but there was  this one common, and redeeming feature that always amazed me – their flawless skin.

After spending considerable length of time wondering about secret recipes, special potions, and genetic traits, I decided to scour the net and collect factual details. What I learnt from my research was an eye-opener, to say the least! The much acclaimed Korean skin care products of today have their roots in traditional skin and beauty routines. These practices have been tried and tested for innumerable generations, and passed down the line to be nurtured and followed.

Unlike in most places of the world, caring for one’s skin and enhancing  beauty are an intrinsic part of Korean lifestyle. Skin care regimes are not considered a luxury, but a necessity. Pampering your skin with cosmetics is as natural and essential as brushing your teeth and combing your hair. That is why the lessons in complete skin  nourishing and nurturing start very early in life, in Korea. The entire routine for protecting and replenishing skin may span several minutes every day and may change slightly depending on the external weather conditions and   also to adapt to seasonal changes.

Here’s a glimpse at the multi – step and thorough process that Korean skin care regime is. It all starts with the complete removal of any trace of make-up. This is achieved with an oil based make-up remover that is gently massaged on the skin. The oil acts as a lubricant and removes any residue. Then, a small amount of cleanser is taken on the palm, worked into a lather, and applied on the face. It is washed off with tepid water. Now you have a clean slate (read face) to start work on!


Exfoliation is next in line. This process is of great importance because it serves in removing the old, dead cells off your face. A word of warning for those of sensitive skin – do not exfoliate on a daily basis. Use of a gentle gel exfoliator once a week could do the trick for your skin. The gel will act like a peel off skin layer and remove the deposits of dead skin. This is followed by a toner which balances the pH level of the skin. Spray toners refresh your skin.

After a dash of toner, comes the lavish application of a moisturizing lotion that helps eliminate drying of skin. The lotion is generously patted on to the skin to give a healthy, hydrated look. Last but not the least, luxuriate your skin with drops of serum that will work through the layers of your skin and keep it glowing and youthful.

The complete Korean skin care regime is thorough and will surely take quite some time. But the stunning effect of this treatment is guaranteed to take the beholder’s breath away!

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