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The Demand for Korean Beauty Products on the Rise

Korean beauty companies are inexhaustible because Korean women are ravenous beauty consumers. The bottom line is that Korean women are savvy when it comes to skin care; and American women, as well as many other women around the world, want to share these benefits. So how do you get it?

The demand for Korean skin care beauty products continues to rise and Skin18 have developed the finest products to meet these demands.  From our moisturizers, to our eye serums, we are proud of our product line and the fact that they are made from natural ingredients. Besides facial masks and moisturizing products, our line of products includes all the different version of Korean routine care with cleanser, toner, essence, masks, serum, eye treatment, moisturizers, bb cream and extra facial if needed.  There are also products to help you overcome under-eye dark circles, fine lines, eliminate blackheads and return elasticity to your skin.  When used as recommended, will help restore the clear, healthy, natural beauty that has been enjoyed by Korean women for ages.

Many entrepreneurial companies, realized the need to create access to these beauty regimen products globally at affordable prices.  Korean cosmetics have set the stage forbeautiful complexion for ages, outperforming Japanese cosmetics. Korean women have been envied from afar for their seemingly perfect skin.

The quality, availability and afford-ability of these Korean products on the global markets have catapulted Korean cosmetics into a whole new arena.  Where once these products were only available on eBay, Amazon or Alibaba; many companies has started to share and it is proven that it has a market demand in this case.  Skin18 is also here to supply superior products, at affordable pricing, globally for all women to enjoy.

Our products are designed to be applied in a certain order to ensure maximum absorbency and effect.  They are designed to work together so that every woman, regardless of age or ethnicity, can enjoy the same benefits of these long-kept-secret products.  Our skin care products are best in class and meant for all women.

As the demand continues to increase, more companies will be jumping on the band wagon and offering their products with zest.  One of the most prolific products is the BB cream – hailed to be the “miracle” cream for the sombre eyes, dark circles and uneven skin tones.

Those bright, colourful packaging and affordable pricing are helping to lead the way in the global marketing of Korean skin care products.  Korean takes skin care seriously but they know what they want in their products: gentle, natural ingredients, pleasing packaging, and innovation and they don’t want to hand over their family fortune when buying these products.

Understanding these guidelines and Skin18 will use them, test them before we share them with the public. As the demand continues to rise and the market for Korean cosmetics evolves, ladies in Skin18 will continue to evolve in line with these changes so that we can offer women everywhere the best in skin care products made from natural ingredients.

Here are some sample articles about the Korean Boom – it is the definitely the new trend:

  • Her skin went from dry, sensitive, and prone to breakouts to glowing—even without her previous staple, foundation. “Within two to three weeks, my red marks were fading, my skin was more hydrated. It wasn’t cracking or flaking. Within six months, my skin was totally different,” she says. * content from INSIDE THE BOOMING KOREAN SKINCARE MARKET
  • “Products from Korea and Japan tend to be ‘better,’” says Kim, “probably because they are focused on using herbs, botanicals and natural ingredients, as opposed to a lot of chemicals.” * content from Asian beauty products bring new glow to the U.S. market
  • South Korean is increasingly a new focal market for industry professionals, as it is arguably one of the most innovative personal care markets in the APAC region, with sales of cosmetics and toiletries growing by 9.1% in 2012.  * Korea is China’s second largest exporter of cosmetics

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