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The Natural Look – Now More Popular than Ever

Healthy, radiant, glowing skin is “In”.  Vibrant skin is fresh, plump, and looks younger, more attractive and very sexy!

A Korean woman’s beautiful, clear complexion has been the envy of all – worldwide. Women all over the world are scrambling to achieve what Korean women have been practicing for years – the fresh, healthy, radiant look. Famous K-pop always carry a face without makeup as their BIG selling point – which is the reverse of the US and other part of the world.  This all starts with a beautiful complexion.

This look is now available through our research. Our products are designed to work together in providing you the most natural, healthy skin – all of our products are made from natural ingredients. The Korean beauty secrets are out – Korean made skin products are now some of the most sought-after products to help women everywhere get the beautiful Korean complexion.

Achieving “The Look”


By following The Korean 15 Minutes Guide on How to Manage Your Beautiful Skin, you will be able to achieve these results too with a 15 minutes daily commitment and some discipline.  Besides a good regimen to cleaning and maintaining healthy skin, there are some other things you can that will contribute to the perfect, natural look complexion. Besides the mentioned skin care products, there are some healthy additional tips that needs to follow also

  • Eat lots of water-base fruits, vegetables and fish
  • Staying hydrated helps flush toxins away. This will help your skin develop a natural glow
  • Maintain overall body health by eating healthier foods
  • Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol
  • Remember fresh air and exercise will rejuvenate you, reduce frown lines give your skin a healthy glow
  • Get plenty of restful sleep- minimum of 8 hours
  • Pamper yourself daily with the 9-steps to healthy skin describe in The Korean 15 Minutes Guide on How to Manage Your Beautiful Skin
  • Exfoliate, moisturize and protect your skin from UV rays
  • Use makeup sparingly
  • Develop a beauty regime for your skin

One of the biggest pros for using Korean skin care products is the beautiful, natural look is that your skin will have – it will once again have the natural glow.

With the step-by-step process, using facial cleansers will not only remove foreign materials and environmental residue, but will help restore your skin to a natural beauty and vibrancy while reducing skin problems.  After cleaning, masks are the most important part as mentioned so many times, Skin18 has done a lot of research and found as much as hundreds of different “flavour” masks for you to select - at the most affordable prices.

Recommended: Beauty Friends Essence Mask Sheets has 22 special flavors that can surely fit your needs with affordable pricing (1 mask cost as low as US$0.6), the product line as follow:

bea-scmask009 bea-scmask002 bea-scmask004 bea-scmask003 bea-scmask006 bea-scmask005 bea-scmask007 bea-scmask008  bea-scmask011 bea-scmask012 bea-scmask013     bea-scmask016 bea-scmask018   bea-scmask017 bea-scmask020 bea-scmask021 bea-scmask023 bea-scmask022

When you use those mask packs in combination with other products as suggested, you will achieve the same beautiful, clear, radiant complexion that Korean women have been enjoying for decades! Browse on Skin18 website today to see our complete line of excellent skin care products.

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