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The Story About Korean Cosmetics: Between Myth And Reality

The Story About Korean Cosmetics: Between Myth And Reality

What’s your very first impression when you hear that adorable and magic word in any woman’s ear – cosmetics? Are you already imagining the Eiffel Tower and falling under the irresistible power of French perfumes? This is a completely understandable thing to think or do. However, it is also a strong indication that there’s so much for you to learn about the prestigious world of top cosmetics. Are you ready to experience something unparalleled and totally different, which has been reserved only for Korean women for centuries?

Made In Korea – Pro Et Contra

The only obstacle standing between you and the most important esthetic change you are about to embrace is your prejudice. What do Koreans know about cosmetics, one may ask? Well, without any exaggeration we dare to say that Korean women invented cosmetics. We’re talking about a specific and genuine approach based on natural ingredients and first-hand experiences hidden by centuries and tradition. The modern day cosmetic solutions are being industrialized beyond recognition. On the contrary, the Korean cosmetic products looks and feels as if they have been borrowed directly from the nature itself only a couple of moments ago.
It comes without saying that Korean cosmetics can provide you with the fascinating results for quite an affordable price compared to the so-called mainstream-cosmetics. In addition, you can expect absolutely harmless and health-friendly products, which include only 100% natural ingredients and components. The most important thing for you to remember about Korean cosmetics is a simple fact that you’re not going to allow some Frankenstein-laboratory-monster to touch your skin. What you need is a delicate and healing touch of nature, which can reinvent the very concept of beauty on your cheek.

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The Korean Women’s Beauty Concept
What do Korean women know about beauty? Well, you should know that they have quite a few centuries to learn all there’s to know about it. Korean cosmetics are based on the totally different set of basic premises and goals. The dominant and very often overrated Western beauty concept asks for results in a short time frame at all costs and with no consideration to the means. On the other side, Korean women are searching for a way of obtaining a perfect balance of their appearance and emotional life.
People, and especially women, who have a chance to visit South Korea for the very first time in their life, are simply stunned by the unconventional and the overwhelming beauty of Korean women. We’ve heard it over and over again that Korean women look as if they were trapped in time. You can’t tell a difference between a girl and a woman on the streets of South Korea. Women in this part of the world have obviously found a way of forbidding traitorous aging signs to leave a mark on their faces. Now, after so many centuries have passed, they’re ready to share their secret only with you.
Korean cosmetics have never been closer and more affordable to you as it is now with SKIN18.

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