(eMarketing) What Is Flickr?

How To Use Flickr To Help Promote And Sell Your Products

You've probably heard about Flickr. This is a photo-sharing site and it is similar to another photo sharing platform Pinterest.

You could ask "what does Flickr do with the sale?" Well, if you're selling a product, it's a great way to show the world what you're selling.  Images are always an eye-catch tool for impression printing for new target audiences.  This especially is true to those who are selling specific products, it is very important to create a professional photo shooting album for products you are selling which is the key to success for many online business.

After nearly 20 years of online shop development, online shoppers are not afraid of buying anymore, so it is the time to start selling by using photo sharing tools to attract users to click to your website for more organic traffic.  This process is a long-lasting marketing tools but it takes a lot of patient and daily update for the best result.

(eMarketing) What Is Flickr?

To start Flickr, you need to register for an account. When you are done, you can download a photo by selecting the "Upload photos" option on the video home page, or by selecting the same features under the "You" menu.

Once you have chosen this, you will be prompted to select a photo, and then as you can see in the diagram below, select the "Upload Photos and Videos" button. Very IMPORTANT: Make sure your photos are seen by the audience if you want someone to see it. If not, it may not be visible to the public who wants to see your photos.

You must then place the title in the photo, the description of the article and the labels that describe the elements of the photo.  It is better to put attractive title and seo enabled content as well for better result.

(eMarketing) What Is Flickr?

Make sure you think about what you would like to add here. That's what will put the eyeballs in your photos. Make sure the label describes the item accurately so that it is easy to find. The last thing to make sure you do it exactly is by introducing a description. The short and bottom line is the best, but also be sure to add how someone can contact you. For example, you can enter a description that reads "This is a new widget that helps reduce XYZ company costs associated with anything from 25%." You can even add a hyperlink to your website or a particular page on your website that promotes a product in the image.

One last thing you can go back and see how many people actually see your photos, as there are counters in each image that identifies the view.

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