(eContent) What is Content Marketing: any successful examples of Content Marketing?

The Content marketing is an effective way to starting, maintain and build a relationship with customers by delivering content which helps them meet exact requirements and wants. Content marketing goes by several names, custom media, custom publishing, and branded content. Content marketing can take lots of forms. It could be an article, video, or a blog post. Whatever your choice of name of this kind of marketing, boils down to one key point. If you are not content marketing, you are not marketing

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Successful examples of content marketing:


The inbound marketing software industry has tons of companies, including behemoths like Pardot, Infusionsof, and Marketo amongst others. The ruler of the gang, although, is HubSpot whose Chief Executive actually coined formulate inbound marketing. The major reason HubSpothas developed so quickly is that of their content marketing plan. Their blogs are vital to their content planning: one focus on sales and other focus on marketing.  The aim of these blogs is to assist HubSpot to attain traffic to their funnel. Since the HubSpot provides to small business, their focus is to teach all there’s to know about inbound marketing including blogging, SEO, and social media.

That is the peak of the funnel covered. The resources sector then features every kinds of the bottom to mid of funnel content paying attention on transferring people into leads, including webinars, eBooks, case studies, a marketing kit and even a quiz. Any of these are excellent content marketing. Content marketing has been one HubSpot major growth drivers. It helped the industry go from being founded in 2006, to 70 Million USD run rate open company worth over a 1 Billion USD in 2016.

(eMarketing) Everything You Need To Know About Instagram


LandPages mobile-friendly landing page templates design customizable and testing services to help businesses enhance their reach. CEO and founder Clay Collins knew they had to be scrappy to be capable to compete VC- funded Giant like HubSpot proved Lead Pages have bootstrapped industry since inception. In its place spending 10,000 USD on client’s acquisition as few of their opponents did, Collins made a growth hypothesis based on the plan that a content group of 4 people could outperform an up to 80 person sales team at most companies. Focused on this hypothesis, Leadpage made the following content marketing assets:

  • Weekly webinar on various topics related to online marketing

  • A set of marketing resources, including 7 marketing courses, 10 case studies, 2 eBooks, and 8 infographics, complete of which are free.

  • A popular marketing blog that covers lead generation, A/B testing and whole kind of related topics.

  • ConversionCast, an extremely popular marketing podcast run by Tim Paige, a top class podcaster.

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