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The brand new Skin18 eBusiness team is a dedicated team of visual designers, digital marketing specialists and academic/corporate trainers. With 20+ years of professional web experience and Master-level of knowledge in New Media Communication, our creative team builds professional websites that are user-friendly and search-engine-optimized to generate stable online traffic. Every business needs to showcase their strength and we are here to help.

Skin18 eBusiness team is here to offer tips on your essential oil eBusiness, providing tips for you to Learn & Grow Your Brands online with Strategies based on eDesign, eContent, eVideo, eMarketing and eAnalysis.

Media Data Analysis is not an easy task.  Our strategies include keywords planning, high-quality content, back-link building, social media management and most importantly insightful business analysis. Experience professional digital marketing now with affordable prices.

Our education journal divided into following categories:


eBusiness means electronic business, it is the use of digital technologies to support business processes on the internet.  Skin18 will provide tips on how to share information across platforms, how to build a brand image, etc. 


An attractive and user-friendly website is what a company must have nowadays. Having delivered 400+ design projects over the last 20 years, web design is the bread and butter for eBusiness.  It is not hard to self-build a website nowadays.


Engaging content to attract your audience with keyword optimization is the key to successful organic online traffic.


200+ social media channels were launched since 1999*. Not all worth the time to maintain. Network data analysis takes research, experience  and time to master.


Make use of the free online tools out there to build up the business by analysing data.  Google analytics is a very good tool to start with, learn how to analysis data for the next step of your essential oil business.


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