(eMarketing) What is Tumblr?

Millions of Internet users around the world have at least one account with the Tumblr website and they seem unable to get enough of what is on the Tumblr offer! Regarded as a social networking platform AND a creative space for blogging, Tumblr offers the its site for free to bloggers, social network fans, and almost anyone who would like to express their artistic side through the Favorite Photo post, easy-to-remember or embedded videos.

(eMarketing) What is Tumblr?

What makes Tumblr one of the most popular and fastest growing platforms on the Internet, appealing to diversified age groups and demographics? The large number of free Tumblr themes definitely contributes to that. It allows users and their followers to engage in a particular light that is quite different from other social media channels.

Tumblr users can follow on several topics that are on the site. A Tumblr theme has the ability to generate/gather some of the best photos about food, scenery or fashion clothing and so on (through its users).

(eMarketing) What is Tumblr?

However, there are some new facts that Skin18 would like to share. Tumblr had as much as 642 million visitors at its peak time in July 2018; but it dropped to 437 million in January 2019. According to Alexa's report, Tumblr's global visiting ranking fell based on its 130 million users. There was a lot of inappropriate content - pornographic.  

Tumblr then tried its best to clean up and ban those adult content in the year of 2019, resulting in a significant fall on its users base.  Rumors and fake news were spreading around on how Tumblr is dead - but it was not true.  Until the moment when Skin18 writer is writing this post, Tumblr remains a highly active site ($50 worldwide and #22 in the United States).  According to www.statista.com, Tumblr still has 472 registered accounts as of July 2019.  

Identify the most desirable topic for your Tumblr page

A successful Tumblr page requires expressive and personal touch, for example some of the best design stores offer the best Tumblr themes for their blogger. Each Tumblr theme has its unique personality that the blogger wants to embed in their reader’s mind.  Lifestyle, work, personal preferences, political and social views are some of the fields that are most favored on Tumblr and expressed through a wide selection of themes.

Again, creating an account is very easy - remember to following Skin18's Tumblr account :) 

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