(eMarketing) What Is Pinterest? - Social Media Tips

Now, social media has dominated the market. With a variety of different websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Facebook, even YouTube, there are only a few people in the world who are not involved in this new trend. It seems that everyone is still looking for the latest social media phenomenon and the hottest. And if you hit this item, you've discovered a new phenomenon! His name is Pinterest. But what is a Pinterest and for whom? Let's see who, what, when, why, and how Pinterest to help you become familiar with the latest trend in social media.

What is a Pinterest?

Pinterest, the latest social phenomenon that hit Massa, is the platform to share where "photograph" the image to your board. The image Exchange site allows you to create photo categories, PIN your image and share with others. In addition to integrating images, you can also embed videos, share the price of money and participate in the focus group.

(eMarketing) What Is Pinterest? - Social Media Tips

When are you going to use Pinterest?

Initially, Pinterest began as the type of scrapbooking site where users can post photos of family, pets, or their holidays and share them with others. Therefore, it is considered more like a hobby site or type. However, as the development platform, users began to see the potential that they really assumed. With new features included, individuals are now using Pinterest to various things such as wedding planning, interior decoration, and even marketing.

Who uses Pinterest?

Now, after answering the question "What is a Pinterest?" and "When do you use Pinterest?" Question and answer, "Go who uses Pinterest?" The answer to this question is simple: everyone and anyone. As has already been said, Pinterest has started as a platform for everyday users who want to manage and share their photos with the world. Since then, entrepreneurs have begun to see the potential of the platform and now use it to market their products and distribute their brand message.

(eMarketing) What Is Pinterest? - Social Media Tips

Why use Pinterest?

There are several different reasons that can be used: Pinterest

  • Share your photos with family and friends
  • To share information-many people who use Pinterest to publish the recipe and the idea of them, or show their talent through photos.
  • Collect inspiring people from around the world using pints to showcase their best ideas. Therefore, you are looking for wedding ideas, cakes, decorating ideas, or any other form of inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to find it.
  • To promote Business- Pinterest can be a great way to share your product with the world. Send us photos of your products, or using Pinterest to show the talents you have to offer. Better yet, use to create a visual brand personality for your business. Make people fall in love with you and what you do.

Now, you know "What is Pinterest?", they use them, and why you use it, there is one last question that needs to be answered:

How is Pinterest used?

It's easy! Directly on the Pinterest website to learn how to create your account. Then follow Skin18 on Pinterest and enjoy the trip.

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