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April 2, 2019 was the day Google officially announced the shut down its social network, Google+. Google + was very easy to use and had a short learning curve.  

The decision was made due to discovering how Google+ had exposted user's data to the public which affected more than 50 million users.  

In face, there are many social media channels out there when Google+ launched in 2011. It was quite successful comparing with many others out there, but failed when comparing with famous channels like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. After 5 years of struggling with competitors, it became "one of" those social media channels due to it's name "Google+".  

Let's flash back and talk about the features Google+ it has in the past. 

The R.I.P Social Networking Site - Google Plus

Google + was the latest attempt to get traction in the world of social networks. And believe it or not, they may have something that sticks. The new social networking site also has many interesting features, one of them with the circles' names. The circle seems to redefine the way we will be "friends" on social networking sites. With other social networking sites, they are more or less a friend Pick-or, not a friend. Some advanced settings can help you share content with just a few people, but it requires you to be careful. But with the "circle" function, the boss and his colleagues are not in "friends" the same heap with their college friends. Therefore, you can easily share the content with some people and not others, and it is almost automatic. Circle allows you to filter your friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members in different categories or in circles. The circle also allows you to choose the content you share with your friends. The features are very fresh.

Other features of the new Google + is:

Your branches as the RSS feeds you see on Facebook. The time of entry, like FB, you brought to the veranda where you can see the last activity. This will update you with the activity of your friends and others. And it's similar to other social networking sites, you'll be able to see what happens in real time for your "Stream".

Sparks - This feature gives you information about the subjects you are interested in, directly to your profile. Unlike the "RSS" features of the spark that generates content based on the spark, you are interested in. For example, if you are someone who is interested in running/jogging, you choose the theme "Running" in the category of your sparks. Now, when you check the bait "sparks"-you get the Google search information that is the most relevant according to Google depending on your interest in "Run". You will be able to see the latest and most relevant information about topics that interest you or sparks, as it happens!

Hangouts Google + allows users to socialize using video chat with the features of "hangouts". The video chat is nothing new. However, Google + is the first social networking platform it offers. Currently, a maximum of 10 people can "hang out" at the same time. The main speaker "Hangout" appears in the middle of the window; A screen showing the other guys in the group are consecutive at the bottom. When connected, users can share links in the text chat that is typical of most chat programs. However, with Google + hangouts, you can watch YouTube videos at the same time and everything from within the same screen.

It seems that Google + will be a force to count. So many people are already using Google Search. From now on, your experience in social networking will become more integrated into Google's search results. You will see what other friends and acquaintances they use and recommend by Google, and it is the real power of social media and social networks. Thumbs up for the R.I.P Google Plus!

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