(eDesign) Professional Web Design And Ways to Sustain the Website

Looking For A Professional Web Design And Ways to Sustain the Website.

When you are looking for professional web design and development, there are several places where you can start. From the office of a local web designer to the recommendations of friends, colleagues, or your hosting company, there are several ways to connect with qualified professionals who will give you the best design for the money and differentiate your site from existing competitors. But there are some questions before starting on the design process.

What kind of design is the best professional web design with quality?

  • Ensure the function and style of the website is used properly.
  • Now a high-quality website is up; how to sustain the site?

There are some important keys before you start an online website, running a website is like planting, after you start, you have to keep on feeding water and take care of it to ensure it grows. The growth can be fast or slow, depending on different situations. It is not a must to have a fantastic growth of traffic once the website is launch indeed.

(eDesign) Professional Web Design And Ways to Sustain the Website

Design with Business knowledge

Web Designer should be able to understand the business to a certain level before they start, they should be able to have an in-depth knowledge of how clients would likely to navigate on the website. The crucial point is not to learn about your business but to estimate the client's behavior when they browse. It is necessary to include pertinent information provided by the content team, place them on the correct location for an easy click to the user, and generate traffic and business. Web design has to include this key to be called a professional website with quality.

The ability to judge functionality and style. 

Although the stylish website has the advantage of attracting users, the amazing function can also impress the user. Another critical point to discuss in here is to ensure the function and style do not conflict with the technology itself such as embedding a Flash section on the website. Flash was owned by Macromedia flash around 1996, which was the dominant animated platform in the Internet for a while. It was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005 and transformed to another software called Adobe Animate. The original Flash is fading away, and Adobe is planning to end support for this platform by 2020. This historical background of Flash might not interest you but adding some knowledge is very important before hiring a designer. Some designers might be old fashion enough to use his/her expertise and develop a Flash site for you. Designer and Web development company you choose should be professional in all aspects of the process, understand the latest technology, and judge what to use with its function and style, so it would be easier to have a site that you can take pride in.

(eDesign) Professional Web Design And Ways to Sustain the Website

Experience with the latest platform

Although it is not entirely important to keep an updated platform and art design for a website to become successful, ensuring your business team earns basic knowledge of the website platform is a must. 20 years ago, web design needed to use Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady to edit their image and then combine it with HTML and CSS; it is not necessary to do so anymore. There are many amazing platforms such as Squarespace, SiteBuilder, BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, etc that can be used nowadays for website design. It is a MUST to gain some knowledge and experience the platform before let go of the designer. The integration of the system to the business operation is also another key to sustaining the website. Do not depend 100% on the web designer unless you are going to pay for another monthly fee for keeping the site updated by the designer team. The next step after launching a website can be very exhausting. It takes time for content management such as updating images and content, SEO marketing strategy, analyzing data for stable organic traffic, etc.

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