(eContent) What’s in the mind of a loved blogger?

There is one big question that I'm sure all bloggers in the world is going to want to know the answer: how to make your blog successful?

Since blog resists in the cyber world, unsurprisingly, most people start to find the answer by seeking information online.

The problem with searching for tips on creating a blog on Google or forum community is that an awful lot of information that is not so clear prevails. It gets worse when you find that tips from different sources contradict with each other.

What’s in the mind of a loved blogger?

Where is the definite answer...?

While we don't know which tips are working an which are misleading, why don't we get tips straight from the experts who have been successful in managing a blog?

We have spoken with a KOL who has close to 500,000 followers on his blog.

"When I first started blogging, I didn't quite know which I was doing. It pretty much felt like shooting in the dark. But after two years of hard work, I finally found the way.

While you have to master the basics that everyone else is doing, including writing quality articles, doing SEO to get traffic, proactively reply to comments and more, you need to keep a great mindset to set you for success.

We all know that our mind is an excellent tool, but we don't always realize how strong it is. Below are some mindsets that you need to be have if you want to flourish.

What’s in the mind of a loved blogger?


You must be confident because it will help you to believe in yourself and to have the strength to follow your own path. Blogging can sometimes be a lonely way because your friends and family will not understand what you are doing.


Many bloggers gave up during the first year. I know from experience that it is very difficult to become successful bloggers in a year. It must persevere and persist for at least three years. This will give you time to have some experience under your belt and more confidence to get the best.

The Spirit

It would be best if you continued to learn and absorb information while blogging and internet marketing changed over time. If you're an entrepreneur, you won't know what you can learn from anyone you can. I know for myself that I could even learn something new every day from a simple child. You don't know where your next original knowledge is.

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