(eBusiness) Transition From Traditional Business to eCommerce

The imagination of running a personal business is to have leisure time to enjoy life and earn more profit than expected with a smart look. Some people even think that it would be fun to open a restaurant, bookstore, or any other kind of business.

Nearly 20 years ago, there might be a contradiction argument on growing business online or offline. Today many businesses lecture their fellows on how to put their traditional online to follow up the trend; this way, it is proven that building a convincing website is more important than we can imagine.

Building a successful online website does not mean building up a successful online business; some websites works as a modern name card or catalog to showcase its story only. It also takes investment such as development time, employee skills training, marketing strategy and much more for a successful online showcase.

Transition From Traditional Business to eCommerce

For example, many local stores, such as a barbershop with local customers, might not have a website. In this case, they are missing eMarketing opportunities on growth of customer base. Building a professional-looking website nowadays is not as complicated, but it is definitely recommending to pass it to the professional.

The transition from any business to eCommerce would be a huge jumping step that is harder to complete; it requires new knowledge on staff training and the new company's system, such as customer/business relationships. It is a new business model with precedent for success and huge potential.

There are some little talks on ways to prepare such as a site plan or business plan to succeed in an online venture. At first, we can take out the WWW components-free and start brainstorming from there: Geographically FREE, Physically FREE, Time FREE. It is as simple as how location, physical visibility, and timing do not matter for the business, which has opened up more possibilities and opportunities.

It is possible to add value in the traditional system.

In a traditional business, the distribution channel is usually linear. Take a close look if value can be added on conversion of the business an online platform. The saving cost of analyzing customer behavior, data collection system, advanced delivery method, new inventory management system and much more are some elements to be considered.

Transition From Traditional Business to eCommerce

24/7 іs no long only a Slogan 

Sell while you sleep is a term we heard while the Internet business started to grow. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this transition is that a traditional business can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Your customers might be anywhere in the world to purchase on any time zone at any given hour. Day to them might be a night for you, and night to them might be a day for you. This creates exciting opportunities but unknown customer behavior and reaction, which needs to pay attention to.

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