What Ingredient is harmful to the skin?

What Ingredient is harmful to the skin?

Your skin is one of the most important aspects when it comes to beauty and wellbeing. Most people do not place much importance to proper skin care. They just use whatever soap they get their hands on, and do not bother to apply any creams for moisturizing and cleansing.

Makeup and cosmetics also have their share at harming the skin, recently K-beauty introduced BB cream which can reduce the harm. Considering all this, it is truly critical to make sure that you know what you are using. Your skin is delicate and you need to pay attention to the ingredients that make up the products that you apply on it.

Let us go over some common ingredients which you should avoid, and that you may not even be aware that they are present in your skin care or cleansing products, or in the cosmetics that you use.

All of these ingredients are harmful and you need to avoid them:

  • BHA – commonly found in exfoliants, it can cause skin depigmentations.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate – often found in shampoos and body wash, as well as in some foundations. Can easily lead to skin irritation and can be a major contributor to acne problems mainly to a disruption in the skin’s natural oil balance.
  • Parabens – found in spray tan products, makeup and moisturizers, this is a harmful ingredient and you should make sure you opt for paraben-free products.
  • Polyethylene – often found in exfoliating washes and scrubs, polyethylene is considered to be a major skin irritant. One should never use a product that contains this ingredient, especially on broken skin.
  • Retinol – found in various anti-aging products as well as moisturizers and sunscreen. Retinol products include ingredients like retinyl palmitate, retinoic acid and retinyl acetate.
  • Fragrance – whenever possible opt for fragrance free products. Fragrance is found in many products, including lotions, face creams, and moisturizers, to mention a few. According to research a good number of chemicals found the fragrance products are not listed on labels, especially since this is not legally required. So you should avoid highly fragranced skin products.

However, many products nowadays still contain a little amount of the above products.  Depends on the percentage they are using, a little bit of each might not be as harmful as expected.  You do have to be very careful if you have sensitive skin.

These are just some of harmful ingredients you should try to watch out for on labels and ingredients listed on the products that you use.

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