Ingredients detail review: Kiwi


Kiwi offers incredible benefits for the skin and hair. Not only that Kiwi is delicious, but there is an ample of nutrients from vitamin E to anti oxidant. All of which is essential to promote healthy skin.

  • Glowing skin

The green colored fruit is rich in antioxidant. It can eliminate toxin and other wastes that results in healthy glowing skin.

  • Cell regeneration

Kiwi promotes cell regeneration that can assist skin elasticity. It keeps your skin youthful and vibrant.

  • Firming the skin

It is beneficial to keep the skin firm and not sagging. Kiwi promotes vibrant skin with essential agents that prevent rough skin texture. It also boosts collagen production

  • Control sebum

The pulp of Kiwi is a powerful property to keep excessive sebum away from your skin. it also helps to control oil that may be the cause of acne.

  • Prevent free radicals

Kiwi is rich in moisturizer and antioxidants that fights free radicals from outside. It also slows down the wrinkles and other aging signs.

  • Form new cells

Kiwi fruit also stimulates the production of new skin cells, making your skin stay vibrant and glowing.

  • Skin exfoliator

When used as mask, Kiwi is perfect to exfoliate the skin due to its enzymes that clear dead skin cells.

Here are some of beauty products with Kiwi ingredients

This mask sheet is a refreshing agent that is rich of vitamin C. it also soothes skin rashes and making it smoother. This face mask is a therapeutic agent that also performs as a tonic. It is huge in organic acids, perfect for making the skin elastic and smooth.

The mask sheet also contains moisturizes and plant extract – an all natural ingredients that will be absorb by skin once you put the sheet on. The Korean product also comes with high quality sheet with compromising quality. Packed with rich nutrients, the mask sheet is suitable for all age and all skin type. Simply remove the packaging and put it on the face – leave for 15 minutes before rinsing your face clearly.

This mask featured squeezed kiwi packed in a beautiful wrapping. The refreshing mask from Innisfree provides rich nutrient for the skin. It helps to boost collagen reproduction beneficial for skin cell renewal. Kiwi pulps are rich in antioxidant that fights free radical caused by air pollution. It generates new cells after a long day of breathing the debris.

This mask offers rich nutrient that contains kiwi and lemon. It firms the skin and promotes healthy skin too. The renewal mask is packed with soothing ingredients that will surely give the skin a vibrant appearance. If you are lazy to perform daily routine with your skin care, this sheet can instantly transform your skin better.

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