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Ingredients detail review: Charcoal

Ingredients detail review: Charcoal

Ingredients detail review: Charcoal

Of all the beauty products and ingredients, charcoal perhaps is a surprising one, because nobody expects charcoal to have any properties for enhancing beauty. However, charcoal does have properties necessary for the beauty products industry.

Charcoal can remove oil effectively from the skin; rather activated charcoal can do this job. It also has a crystalline structure, which makes it easier for it to scrape away the remains, if there are any, found in or around the pores. Another chemical process that occurs in the presence of charcoal is adsorption. Therefore, charcoal molecules attract some of the molecules in the debris with the adsorption process. Even toxins tend to be attracted to charcoal molecules.

Charcoal is used effectively in some skin cleansers that are in turn used for removing any make up. This ingredient does an excellent job of stimulating circulation, when it is rubbed on the skin. Because of such circulation, the skin glows, and the complexion improves.

Charcoal reduces the pore sizes because it removes the debris or dirt from them. Effectively, pores that had extended because of such debris return to their normal size, and seem much smaller. Usually the pores on the skin enlarge with age because of lack of elasticity in them. Dirt ensures that such enlargement occurs faster and remains for longer. Upon removing such dirt, the pores return to their normal size, because of which the skin starts looking younger. It is also an effective agent for removing blackheads.

Charcoal can be made from different types of woods depending on the purpose for which it is required. Some of the beauty products use charcoal made from bamboo. Traditionally, charcoal has been used for cleaning and whitening teeth as well, but its use in skin care products is becoming increasingly more common.


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