Ingredients detail review: Acai Berry

acai berry

A round fruit in tiny size – Acai still belongs to cranberry group. The reddish purple color fruit is rich in antioxidant. While many people know it as weight loss supplement, Acai Berry does have several other benefits that include promoting radiant skin.

Acai Berry is packed with skin benefits that you may be surprised!

  • Anti oxidant

The purple color of acai berry shows that the fruit contains high anti oxidant agent that can fight free radicals. It helps to prevent aging signs from being visible on your skin. As a detox, Acai also helps to flush out the toxin out of your body and clean the system – creating a radiant skin.

  • Good for acne prone skin

Many skin problem caused by acnes are exhausting to solve. This berries offer effective treatment for acne prone skin. It contains no side effect due to its natural ingredient. Some acne problems are caused by bacterias that need you to do deep cleansing. Acai Berry can help to give natural moisturizer and leaving your skin vibrant and glowing. Acai helps to sooth the inflamed skin that tend to be red and painful.

  • Beautiful skin

As one of the superfoods, Acai berry offers delicious taste and also reduce wrinkle formation. Free radicals can be harmful for the skin and its unwelcome properties may cause the skin to premature aging. Acai powder when regularly used for a certain period of time, has proven to be effective in reducing the fine lines. It also boosts collagen reproduction, benefit for skin cell renewal.

Here are some of products that contain acai berry

The mask has acai extract and charcoal with natural castor oil to keep the skin hydrated. Mineral mask can be effective to remove dead skin cells from the skin and form new cells to promote radiant skin.

Rich in Acai berry extracts, the mask offers moisturizer and reduce fine lines. It penetrates deep to skin due to its 3 layer system. Moreover, the skin absorption offers rich hydration and nutrients to the skin. Regular use of this mask sheet can help to promote plump skin and reduce undereyes circle.

Mirum contains fresh ingredients of Acai berry. This natural mask pack helps to clear blemishes and tightens the pores. Packed with a great fragrance, the Mirum Fresh Fruit Acai Berry rejuvenates the skin and promotes better absorption for whatever nutrient you apply to your skin.

Etude has a way of delivering chic skincare products for your beauty regimes. The superfood contained in the mask has delightful fragrance and essential amino acids to give the skin a boost for a healthier phase. It also contains rich nutrients and vitamins that gives your skin the food it deserves.

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