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Horse Oil ingredient does not mean killing a horse!

Horse Oil ingredient does not mean killing a horse!

The skin care industry is constantly introducing new products that are found to be beneficial for different kinds of skin. Every now and then we hear of new products made from unique, or sometimes, rather strange ingredients.

Lately there has been quite some talk on horse oil. First things first – if you use this oil you are not killing horses. The oil however comes from horses who have been killed for their meat. During this process there is a considerable amount of fat and residue that can be considered as a by-product, and this can be put to good use for skin care. The oil also comes from other exterior parts of the horse, such as its hair. So it is safe to use horse oil and you are not in any way harming horses if you opt to use this product.

Horse oil is certainly a good option for skin care as it offers various benefits. First of all it helps to moisturize the skin, reduce freckles and scars, as well as stretch marks. It is also helpful to heal the skin and for whitening. Horse oil also helps to protect the skin specifically by keeping it moist.

It is also helpful to reduce acne. Horse oil is considered to be suitable for all skin types. So there is nothing left but to check out Guerisson’s horse oil cream on and add it to your basket to start making the most out of its skin care benefits!

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