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Mask Sheet Ingredient – Lemon

Mask Sheet Ingredient – Lemon

Mask Sheet Ingredient – Lemon

Have you ever heard of using natural Lemon juice to mask your skin? Lemon juice has a strong function of lighten the skin meaning brighten up the pigmentation when using it in the correct way, but it can also has a possibility to lead to reaction that can heal with the pigmentation (darker the spot).  There are many cases in the pasted that ladies had used natural Lemon Juice to mask but ended up with a darker circular pigmentation.  At skin18, we do not recommend.

Instead of getting the risk of misusing the natural ingredient, we suggest to use Sheet mask - Sheet Mask in general are easy to use, they are convenient and effective facial hydration treatment.  Production factory also ensure mask sheets passed all the necessary test because they will get into trouble if they do not do so.  They do not have the complication and the mess that are found with using natural lemon. Asia has been the place that pioneered the product from the beginning with the variations of the materials, formulas and shapes.


Everyone likes to use sheet mask since they give the experience of coming out of a little spa. The skin become relaxing and refreshing when the mask sheet is used but only some mask sheets can work better and can give the noticeable results.  With lemon extract, a strong skin brightening effect that can have a very significant result by using them. 

Masks made from the lemon help in brightening and toning of the skin.  To get a cool sensation, you may prepare the mask with lemon ingredient into the refrigerator, after it gets to a certain cool level (not freezing cold), you should take it out, use it and leave the mask on for some time.  When you get it off, you will be shocked on how your face will look well toned and bright.  The face will be so soft to the touch and the brightness you get will last for some time. The lemon sheet will make sure your skin is soothed out, balanced and moisturized.  

Here are sheet masks from that contain lemon as main ingredient.















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