Skin care Ingredients detail review: Cucumber

Skin care Ingredients detail review: Cucumber

Skin care Ingredients detail review: Cucumber

The benefits of Cucumber for skin care are well known. But lately, the west is learning how to use this vegetable optimally in their skin care regimen. The Korean skin care industry is responsible for this development.

Skin looks rejuvenated

Cucumber extracts are good for hydrating the skin. As a result the skin looks rejuvenated. On the whole all sorts of skin start looking better with cucumber treatments. There are studies suggesting that cucumber may have properties to regenerate skin, and heal any damage. Cucumber masks definitely provide relief in case of acne too. Other blemishes and inflammations are also soothed with a facial containing extracts from cucumber. Because of such a decrease in inflammation, the skin appears to be rejuvenated and the complexion also seems to have improved in many cases.

Skin Hydration

The proper hydration of the skin is important because that is what keeps the skin looking supple and young. Facial mask sheets containing cucumber extracts are recommended for sensitive skins, and skins that have acne on them, or are dry, rough or oily. Such sheets are also used to make the skin feel soft, and tighten the pores because cucumber exfoliates and cleans as well. At the end of a home facial with such a facial mask sheet, one will find the skin looking fresh and elastic.

Leading Cucumber based products

Leading cucumber based products that the Korean skin care industry offers include Baronness cucumber mask sheet, Foodaholic’s 3D cucumber natural mask, Nature republic’s Real nature mask – Sheet cucumber, and Mirum’s Fresh Fruit –cucumber real Natural mask pack.

These facial masks save a lot of problems and make skin care very easy.

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