Korean Skin Care Special Formula: Oriental Tune Red Ginseng
Korean Skin Care Special Formula: Oriental Tune Red Ginseng


If you are a skin18 concurrent reader, you will realize each of our writer had selected to write "Ginseng" ingredient as their special topic because Ginseng ingredient in skin care product is such a new thing to all.  For an easy understanding of what's special about Korean skin care ingredient, those are the ingredients that is good for our health and body.  Your skin basically absorb those ingredient from pores - so basically your face is "eating up" those ingredients.

Special Korean Skincare Formula: Oriental Tune Red Ginseng

Oriental Tune Red Ginseng Line represents a crown jewel of the ancient Korean skin care beauty products, which comes with a specially designed formula. These Red Ginseng Extracts are particularly efficient for achieving the deep hydration, wrinkle correction and elimination, including the eye-catching skin whitening. If you have some second thoughts about this state-of-the-art solution, we should emphasize that the adenosine, which is its inseparable element, influences the anti-aging effects, including the profound wrinkle correction, as well. When you combine the adenosine with the Oriental Tune Red Ginseng, what you get as a result is a true miracle of young and appealing skin.

When it comes to the hydration process, we have to say that the Red Ginseng extracts are a perfect match for this demanding purpose. Thanks to its regular use, you can expect the fascinating hydration and improved resilience results beyond your most optimistic expectations.

SKIN 18 has taken care of it all. There are many products based on Red Ginseng : http://skin18.com/search?q=ginseng

All of these products are very simple to use and apply. Just follow the enclosed instructions carefully, and you’re on the road of true success. Be patient and make sure that the absorption process does its homework. In return, you’ll be blown away by the out of this world hydration, wrinkle correction and skin whitening results.

Basic Precautions:

  • For potential users with the history of various dermatological issues, it’s strongly recommended to consult a specialist before applying
  • Prevent yourself from further use, and contact a dermatologist, in case you’re experiencing some of the following: red spots, swelling, itching, or annoying irritation
  • The same is to be applied, if you’re experiencing these symptoms after sun exposure
  • It’s not recommended to use these products in skin areas affected by wounds, eczema or dermatitis

Storage & Handling Recommendations:

  • Make sure that the cap is always closed after usage
  • Make sure your children or infants can’t reach them
  • Avoid places with extreme positive or negative temperatures, including the direct exposure to the sunlight


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