Ingredients detail review: Rice Water

Ingredients detail review: Rice Water

Ingredients detail review: Rice Water

Since ancient ago, rice water has been the beauty secret in Asia. Rice is staple food in most Asian countries. It is unknown who used it initially for skin care. Asians don’t toss away the water they used to soak the rice – instead, they keep it in a glass jar and use it for crystal clear skin.

As a beautifying agent, rice water becomes the secret of Asian dewy skin. Not only for the face but also body and hair, rice water contains amino acids to strengthen hair and promotes silky skin. When cooled, rice water contains soothing agent to treat inflamed skin. Many experts have used this as ayurvedic medication with effective result. Rice water can help to moisturize the skin and offer great protection for it under the sun.

Apply it on to your face

After you wash your face, rice water can act as a toner. Apply the rice water on a cotton and dab gently onto your face. The ingredient is rich in vitamin B. It promotes collagen production that can slow down anti aging process. It also tightens the pores and reduces blemishes.

Here are some of the product reviews that contain rice water ingredient:

  1. Etude House I Need You Mask Sheet – Rice

    Etude is quite a popular brand from Korea – famous for its skin treatment products. This mask contains rice extract that can clear up your complexion and brighten up the skin. As a soothing agent, this rice mask has a cute packaging and of course, rich in nutrient. The sheet is wet because it contains moisturizing agent. It is claimed to give the skin soft texture.

  2. Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Rice Wine)

    This unique face mask sheet offers 3 dimensional shaped that fits perfectly for your face. It is also rich in beauty essence that contains natural property to make the skin fairer and softer. It’s definitely a bonus to have the mask completely cover your face and won’t leave any part behind. It also has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth so you can conveniently use it without hassle.

  3. Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask – Rice

    Mask in sheets are perfect for those who prefer instant treatment for their skin. Thanks to Korean products that make things easy for us. The use of Innisfree mask is to nourish the skin and promote healthier skin. It has a great fragrance once you open the wrap. Use it after cleansing before you moisturize your face. Put on the sheet mask and leave for a few minutes.

    There are notably natural  ingredients emphasized by innisfree. It is also packed with nutrients and glycerin for balancing the pH level.

  4. Grinif Galactomyces Treatment Lotion

    Grinif Galactomyces offers oil and water with perfect stickiness to keep the skin moist. It promotes dewy skin when used regularly. The brand claims that it contains no harmful chemical. Each bottle comes from natural ingredients such as malted rice for making rice wine and centella asiatica extracts.

  5. Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Cereal)

    Cereal - includes Oryza Saliva (Rice) Bran Extract that help to keep skin supple, make skin lighter while it cleans and moisturizes. The cereal face mask sheet contains oryza sativa (rice) bran extracts which helps to make the skin soft, supple and lighter while it cleans and moisturizes. Oryza sativa may promote the formation of collagen proteins which is the key to having young and healthy skin.


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