Ingredients detail review: Milk

Ingredients detail review: Milk

Ingredients detail review: Milk

Today’s beauty skincare may sound bizarre but to tell the truth, they work incredible great for our skin. From venom to fat, these ingredients have been utilized by cosmetic industries to create special formula that can really sell.

Before you think that it’s just a marketing gig, let’s find out why milk is essential for your skin.

First of all, did you know that milk has been used since Cleopatra era? It is said that Cleopatra uses milk as lotion for her smooth skin. Indeed, milk has many benefits for our skin not only that it promotes bone formation but also a smoother healthier skin.

Milk is perfect for cleanser

How many cleanser products that use milk as the basic ingredient? Yes, milk can make the skin fairer when used regularly. It’s also able to clean your face thoroughly.  Cleomee Donkey Milk Snowy Foam Cleansing (Milk 10.6%)

Milk improves complexion

Milk is a safe and mild bleach for the skin. Thus, by using milk as part of your skincare routine may improve your complexion. It keeps the skin moisturized. When combined with honey, the ingredients make a great combo for radiant skin. As a natural supplement, milk is filled with rich nutrients, from minerals to proteins, to make the skin vibrant.

Milk removes dead cells

Milk as a scrub ingredient helps to remove dead cells gently without creating blemish. It also makes your skin glow naturally.

Milk is a natural moisturizer

If you want to keep your skin hydrated all day, milk is the solution. The ingredient helps to lock the hydration in your skin and keep its elasticity at pace.

Here are some of the best skin products with milk essential

This premium product is obtained from donkey. A natural moisturizer that is perfect to promote radiant skin. The skin care is rich in milk and other ingredients such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. A very noble way to treat you skin! 

Cleomee is a premium product based on the ancient skincare regime done by Queen Cleopatra. As a rare animal but with a great beneficial for skin care, donkeys deliver rich nutrient milk for natural moisturizer.

This effective ingredient works great to fight aging sign. The whitening cream is good for any complexion and it solves the skin problem naturally without any greasy.

Another milk based skin whitening that uses up natural ingredient. Milk has the mildest property to treat skin even if the skin is prone to acnes. Thus, it’s inevitably safe to apply on your face. Milky skin can be obtained with daily use of this product.

The mask is an improved product of milk ingredient. It has a refreshing aroma and rich of moisturizing agent to deliver better skin elasticity. For all skin type especially sensitive skin, you can opt for this rich nutrient mask for weekly use and brightens up your skin tone.


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