Mask Sheet Ingredient - Berry (Acai Berry, Blue Berry)

Mask Sheet Ingredient - Berry (Acai Berry, Blue Berry)

What is Berry?

Berry is a small juicy fruit, or it means a fruit produced from the ovary of a single flower in which the outer layer of the ovary wall develops into an edible fleshy portion (*wiki).  Within the Berry family, there are many types such as Acai berry, Blue berry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Strawberry, Bayberry,  Barberry, Blackberry, Grapes and much more.

Berries are a standard food worldwide from baking cake, jam, beverages to cookies; it is also valuable as a food source for many food we eat today.  This means Berry must have goodies on its ingredient so that it can be a main food source for human for thousands of years.

General talk of Sheet Mask with Acai Berry

Sheet Mask with Acai Berry as a main ingredient is a firming sheet that contains the extracts of acai berry in order to improve the resilience and firmness of a skin and to moisturize it.  Many people talk about the benefit of acai extracts but you are not sure if the claim is true, you can pick on mask sheet and try it to see it for yourself. Berry sheet mask can be made in a combination ingredient of blueberry, green tea and face shop rice, usually it comes with a thin essence that drip when the sheet is opened. The scent is mild.  Within the 10 minutes of using such mask, the skin will start to feel firm and when you remove such mask and patting essence of the skin, the face will be fresh and firm.  

Read ingredient list to determine the priority

The fragrance in the mask is usually listed on the back of each package and if it is written at the end which means the mask has not been heavily perfumed and this is a plus for people who do not like heavily perfumed skin care.

What does Acai extracts work with?

The acai extracts work with other ingredients like Butylne glycol, glycerin and aqua. Acai is one of key ingredients. The mask contains the fragrance and parabens. Other ingredients that you can find in the mask are Rumex crispus root extracts, Japonica Bark Extracts, Betula Platyphylla and Phaseolus Radius extract.  To use the mask, start by washing the face and to apply the toner.

How to use a Berry Mask Sheet?

You can pull out the mask and place it carefully on the face. Remove the mask for 10 to 12 minutes and tap it lightly on the face so that the skin can absorb remaining essence within your skin.

Mask in BlueBerry

The mask made in the blueberry helps to get youthful and softness impression. The air pockets in the sheet have many nutritional essences that provide the nourishment and the moisture for the skin.  If your skin is dry enough you may not need the toner and the dermatologists do recommend the people who have dry or normal skin not to use the toner on the regular basis.  The mask is too moisturizing and its effect can last up to 3 days.  The blueberry is high in the ingredients since it is natural it is better.

Essence from those sheets are made from pure juice of acai berry and blue berry and their freshness and nutritional elements are preserved.  The extracts of the essence are naturally extracted and they are always fresh with their vivid nutritional elements. There is no artificial coloring that has been added in the essence. The mask has real berry juice which is both environmental and eco-friendly.  The air pocked pulp sheet is a porous membrane on the mask and it provides the best adhesion at the skin or improves absorption on moisturizing and nourishing agents that contain the serum.

Last tips for using Berry Mask Sheets

There are many advantages you will get when you use the masking sheet for your face. The sheet transmits the nutritional elements faster from your skin and they can be absorbed easily.  Contrary to non woven and cheap materials, the air pocket pub sheet may be the best in fitting and in flexibility which is even more suitable to the face.

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