The 5 Benefits Of Using Snail For Skin Care

The 5 Benefits Of Using Snail For Skin Care

The 5 Benefits Of Using Snail For Skin Care

Have you forgotten, what’s the golden rule of Korean beauty skin care cosmetics? Do we have to remind you, one more time? Use and enjoy everything and anything we recommend, without any prejudices. This may sound a little bit strange, but you should leave your prejudices at home, when you’re ready to use Korean skin care products, for real. Why? Well, for what is worth, Korean cosmetic industry has quite a reputation for its effectiveness, including the “unorthodox” methods and ingredients. Let’s face it. Does it really matter, what you’re going to put on your face or your skin, as long as it’s 100% natural and harmless, and gives you exactly what you want? Isn’t that right?

How about an intriguing story, which involves an unusual hero of the Asian cosmetic philosophy called – a snail? Here are some of its well-known benefits, which will make you to examine your thoughts in this field.

1st – To Serve Your Beauty & Protect Your Skin

There’s no better protector of your skin in the entire animal kingdom, than a tiny little snail. Don’t worry. No one is going to put a living snail on your face. What’s even more important, no one is going to hurt a single snail, in order to give you a beauty skin care product. We’re talking about snail secretion all of this time, which is being derived in a natural and absolutely harmless way. Snails don’t need it, and you can certainly use it to improve your skin’s appearance and its chances against future unwanted damages.

2nd – Acne’s Worst Enemy

Have you seen a snail with acne problem? The same should work for you. Snail secretion has proven to have amazing effects on elimination and prevention of acne and acne scarring. It may sounds funny, but you can rest assured it really works.

3rd – The Fountain of Youth and Moisture

This also may sound as a huge surprise for you, but snail secretion has done miracles against unwanted skin’s dryness and annoying hyper pigmentation. We’re more than convinced that you’re going to look at snails with different thoughts and admiration, from now on. Right?

4th – Wrinkles No More

Daily use and application of numerous products, which contain even the smallest quantities of snail secretion have also shown positive effects in reducing fine lines and troubling wrinkles on your face and body.

5th – The Elastic Youth

Last, but definitely not least, the tiny little snails will take care of your skin’s elasticity, as well. Now, you have more than one reason to make a snail be your next best beauty friend.

There are many products such as Toner, Serum, Lotion, Cream, handcream products but for some immediate result, you can try to use 2-3 mask with the ingredient snail to monitor if the ingredient is also good for your skin or now.  We are not talking about hundreds and not even more than a dollar, prices of KBeauty snail facial mask can be as low as US$0.9 or you can get a free email mask to try at 

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Michelle Pham May 08, 2017

I would like to have a question,
Does the SNAIL 24 GOLD BB FOUNDATION is suitable for vegan people use its? Does a foundation is containing snail in it? Sorry for my silly questions because I am not very sure about the ingredients in the Foundation product!!

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