Treat your skin with 24k gold

Treat your skin with 24k gold

Have you ever considered an option to give your skin a royal treatment with 24k gold?  Probably not. When you hear gold, you often think about some products which are too expensive, but they are actually very affordable. Gold has been used for centuries in many counties, such as Japan, Egypt and Rome for all kinds of skin problems, and today, it is one of the ingredients in many Korean skin care products. Your skin deserves to be treated properly, and there is nothing better than 24k gold.

What are the benefits of gold for the skin?                                                                        

Gold is best known as a very expensive, precious metal, but its benefits for the skin should not be disregarded, because there are many.

  • Gold reduces the appearance of fine lines, age spots and wrinkles
  • It makes each complexion lighter
  • It stimulates the circulation of the skin
  • Gold also stimulates regeneration of skin cells
  • Gold is used for acne treatments
  • It reduces the visibility of scars
  • It increases the skin’s elasticity
  • It makes the skin firm and smooth

These are just some of the benefits of gold for the skin, which is why this material can be found in many Korean skin care products.

TonyMoly 24k products for royal skin treatment

If you have decided to change the products you are currently using, it may be the perfect time to start using products that contain 24k gold, so you can experience all its benefits yourself. Here are two extremely effective products:

  • TonyMoly Luxury Gem Gold 24K Mask – if your skin look tired, and If needs a refreshment, this creamy gold mask will bring your skin that much needed vitality. The usage is very simple. After you clean your face, apply the mask avoiding the area around your eyes, and your mouth. When the mask thoroughly dries, wash it off gently, using the lukewarm water.
  • TonyMoly Intense Care 24k Snail Cream – this cream represents the combination of perfect ingredients, such as snail slime, and 24k gold. Snail slime is very popular lately, because of its benefits for the skin, and in a combination with 24k gold, results are more than amazing. Skin will be smooth to the touch, it will be brighter, refreshed, energized, and properly moisturized. Your skin will be nourished, and simply flawless.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your skin routine, there is nothing better than 24k gold, and you will be extremely satisfied with TonyMoly products.

24k Gold Facial Masks

  • Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Gold Hydrogel Mask - Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask with gold essence perfectly blends on skin. Moisturizing & Firming & radiant looking' can be happening all at once! This premium mask is composed of 99% actual gold, 6 years old Red Ginseng, Gold promotes blood circulation brightening skin tone. Pure gold gives gold therapy massage effect. Royal Ginseng provides Anti-oxidant minerals & amino-acid vitalize the skin. ‼
  • Royal Skin The Gold Edition Gold Snail Hydrogel Mask - Improvement of skin condition / Moisturizing / Whitening / Anti-wrinkle / Tightening.  Mask containing 1ppm of gold and containing 100mg of snail mucin filtrate.  This hydrogel mask pack contains ingredients extracted from snail to help improve weakened skin from external irritations and pure gold to makes exhausted skin vital and supple.



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