Face Sheet Mask's with Ingredient Review 105 - Vita - will they do the trick?

Face sheet mask's ingredient reviews 105 - Vita

Face Sheet Masks with Vita - will they do the trick?

Face Sheet Masks are amongst the most ‘trending’ skin care products out there today, but the question that many consumers are still stuck with is if they really work the way they are advertised, or not? The answer to this is simple- it all depends on the ingredients, or rather that one special ingredient that the facemask has. In this case, we are going to talk about Vita and see if it has what it takes to give you benefits that you have always wanted with your facemasks.

The purpose behind using Vita

Face Sheet Masks that have Vita Complex with them, come with more than a few derivatives of vitamins, which claim to  not only clarify but also brighten your skin to give it a natural and healthy glow. Generally, most face sheet masks are nothing more than a hydrating product- however, those that come with ingredients like Vita complex may just have more than that to get your skin the right hydration and boost that you want.

One of the most common components of Vita Complex is niacin amide, more commonly known as Vitamin B3, which is considered as a ‘workhorse’ antioxidant for brightening and strengthening your skin barrier. Apart from that, it also decreases inflammation and keeps your skin’s oil production in check. Another common component comes in the form of a derivative of Vita C in its more stable form, which becomes another anti-oxidant along with abilities to help fight acne. 

Vitamin derivatives have been known to make the skin better and healthier, and using them with a face sheet mask can just be one of the best ways to get most out of them at once. But, does it really work like that?

Are Vita Complexes useful in masks?

If that is what you are wondering about, then trying to understand what the user of such masks have said may help you get there. Upon usage of vita-complex masks, consumers have reported that their skin did get visibly brighter, with a better spot-reduction effect than any other mask. It does work towards smoothening your skin as well, and with the Vita acting as antioxidants, you can have a lot to look forward to once you are done using the mask.

The ‘Vita’ Side Effects

The best part about using an ingredient like this is that there are no associated side effects in any case. You can simply go ahead and use a face sheet mask with vita without worrying about any reaction or side effect to develop!

The Verdict - should you use it?

The answer to this question should be obvious by now- if you are looking for a way to rehydrate and refresh your skin with minimal chemicals and side effects, then using a Vita Face Sheet Mask can be the way to go! With no reported side effects and positive reviews from a large section of consumers, Vita face masks are what you need to get that glow back on your face in a healthy and natural way.

A Storey about: Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask Vita Light on

            I live in the heart of a highly industrialized city and the toxins have cracked and irritated my skin. I tried this product a few weeks ago and I am really satisfied. The package is lovely, small and portable. It is perfect for traveling and refreshing your skin wherever you are. In fact, I often use it while taking a break from my work.

            The sheet of mask is thin, transparent and so easy to apply. I am fond of the texture too. It is light and silky, does not make you sweat at all and it is ideal for summer's high temperatures. Its consistency is smooth and slightly lotion like. For me this is just perfect! No more dripping of heavy cream product all over my bathroom floors and my cloths. I just apply it, leave it for 30-40 minutes and peel it off gently. Added to that, this mask fitted my face so well, that sometimes I even forget that I am wearing it. It blends with my skin during the first few minutes, so I just keep cooking, watching TV or working out, while I enjoy its benefits. The sheets adheres so well, that I can move my face, talk and smile without any dropping accidents. On the other hand, taking it off is also a soft and gentle experience for my face. No itching and scratching whatsoever. I don't know how they do that! Once, I left it nourish my skin for 2 hours. The sensation was so cooling and refreshing that I couldn't help it!

            I have some background in aromatherapy and I have to confess that the essential oils and fruit extract combinations in this mask are perfect. However, I have tried tons of other orange extract products and I was very disappointed. The results, if there were any at all, lasted for two hours tops. I could not even imagine that I would find the ultimate friend for my skin in Skin18.

            Firstly, I noticed the benefits instantly after I removed the mask sheet. My skin was totally different. Toned, firmer and glowing. You know that sensation you have when your skin is really nourished and bright, feels clean, detoxified and soft like touching a baby's skin? Amazing feeling! The wonderful results lasted for several hours, but I wanted an effective treatment. I thought that as my diet was not very healthy at that time, I should try to use it 2-3 times a week and monitor the results. I shoot photos when I started and after 5 uses and I totally noticed a difference. I guess that my skin was so desperate for nutritious ingredients and moisturizing.

            The funny thing is that a friend saw me after 1.5 years and complemented my makeup, while I wasn't wearing any at all! The formula of this mask was really effective for me. An amazing product in a heavenly price and a reliable service. Now, I am a committed customer of Skin18 and I recommended this product to all my friends. In fact, it is an ideal product for treating ourselves before a party or a girls night out. No more cracked, dull and tired skin for me.

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