Royal Jelly for the Skin – Review

The first question that comes to mind when talking about Royal Jelly is, what is it? Let us try to first understand what it is and where it comes from before going on to its benefits.

Worker honeybees produce a milky white secretion from their glands to assist or rather boost the development of the queen bee. Royal Jelly is the main food of a queen bee. Royal Jelly has many uses, right from medicinal to cosmetic with no known side effects. People world over are beginning to use Royal Jelly for various reason in the hope that it provides the same benefits to them as it does to the queen bee.

Royal Jelly is known for its anti-ageing properties. The reason our skin starts aging is that the collagen production of the skin reduces and because of that tissue repair as well as cell regeneration become slow. So if the collagen production of our skin gets a boost, the rate at which our skin ages will slow down. Now, Royal Jelly helps in boosting collagen production because it contains the mineral silicon which is required for collagen production. Along with silicon Royal Jelly also has anti-oxidants, flavonoids, enzymes, hormones and other nutrients that support the renewal of skin thus displaying skin and wound healing properties.

Believe it or not the way our skin and hair behaves depends a lot on our kidneys. During periods of extreme stress our skin sags and hair becomes limp because our kidneys are working overtime and therefore not getting the required rest to regenerate. Royal Jelly is like a tonic for your kidneys. So whenever you are over worked or over stressed, you can rely on Royal Jelly to take care of your kidneys which will in turn take care of your skin and hair.

Royal Jelly is also very useful in treating sun burns and hormonal imbalances which often cause skin and hair problems.  For sun burn treatment it affects the skin in the same way as it does when the skin is wounded whereas it acts as a hormone tonic for people with hormonal imbalance.

Royal jelly can be ingested as capsules or can be applied to the skin as creams or face masks. Some of the well reputed face masks are Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Royal Jelly and Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Royal Jelly). So for a flawless ever young skin these masks are a must try as they contain Royal Jelly in its purest form.


This mask makes my skin look better, it feels smooth and silky. It gives the oil free glow to the skin and makes the skin replenished and healthier. It protects weak and rough skin from the outer environment. I love this mask. It easily gets fit on your face.

This pack contains royal jelly extracts that helps in softening of the skin and moisturizes the skin. My skin looks healthier and more elastic after applying this pack. It does not cause any irritation or itchiness to the skin. It causes all the fine lines and wrinkles to disappear.

This mask contains royal jelly extractions rich in nutrients which keep the skin healthier and moisturized. This mask is very useful for the ones having dry skin. I have dry skin and this face mask keeps my skin hydrated and soft. It helps in wrinkle improvement and nourishes the skin. Royal jelly also has healing properties for the skin and many antibacterial properties also. It is easy to apply and has a fresh scent. This mask is useful to improve overall skin condition. It is a 3D shaped mask that easily gets fit on the face. It has a silky touch and is not sticky. It is a great mask to create elasticity for the skin and to moisturize it at the same time. I use it regularly for the better effect.  

This facial mask contains royal jelly extractions which is rich in nutrition so it is safe for the skin. It does not cause any irritation or itching or anything bad like that. It has made my skin healthier and moisturized. It helps in smoothening dry skin. It also makes the skin wrinkle free. This mask is easy to apply. It does not slip from your face. Also it has a silky touch.

This mask hydrates and moisturizes the skin with its natural ingredients. It provides nourishment to the skin. My skin has become glowing after applying this pack. Also it reduces the wrinkles. There are no harmful chemicals in this so it is safe for the skin. It increases skin absorption potential. It keeps hydrating the skin without any harm.

I have really enjoyed this mask. It deeply moisturizes the skin. This mask has a lot of essence. It is very useful for the dry skin. I have a dry skin and it perfectly works with my skin. It gives the cooling effect to the skin. It helps the skin look bouncy and smooth. This mask has made my skin look good. This mask contains special ingredients that make the skin more elastic. It does not contain any harmful chemicals so good to use.


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