As slow as a snail, proves to be a perfect simile to describe the benefits of snail’s slime on human skin.  The question that arises here is what does it slow down? Amazingly enough it slows down the aging process of our skin. To put it simply, snails slime will make your skin look younger, it has an anti-aging property to it. Who would have thought that people’s greatest desire, which is to look forever young, can be achieved because of a snail? Actually not a snail but its slime!! Have you ever imagined putting snails slime on your face? As gross as it sounds, once you see its magic you will change your opinion forever.

The snail’s slime also called snail extract or snail mucin, contains elastin, proteins and glycolic acid. These have primarily two effects on human skin. Firstly it aids in producing collagen and elastin in the skin which help in repairing the skin’s photo-aging process. That basically means it helps repair any damage done to the skin due to its exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Secondly, it helps slow down the aging process of the skin. Many companies that use snails slime in their cosmetics claim that it has the potential to make you look six times younger. Now who wouldn’t jump with joy at claims like that? Seeing the effectiveness of the snail’s slime, more and more cosmetic companies are now using it to make gels, creams and face sheets.

A little trivia about how the benefit of the snails slime was discovered. Some time ago while exporting snails to France some Chilean farmers discovered that their skin healed quickly and without any scarring while they were handling these slimy snails. Thus began the investigation into this creatures extract.

As mentioned above, there are creams and gels made with snail’s slime, available in the market now. But one of the best ways to apply it on your face is via the face sheets or masks. There are number of face masks from reputed companies like, Tony Moly Timeless Ferment Snail Gel Mask and Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask to name a few, that can do wonders to your skin on proper application.

So in conclusion, if you want to look six years younger with a smooth clear complexion and a revitalized skin, you know exactly whose slime you want on your face!!


It contains many useful ingredients like snail, green caviar. These provide smoothness, elasticity and high nutrition to the skin. I loved this mask.

A high nutrition face mask containing snail slime and pearl which gives instant glow to the skin. No side-effects of this mask. Suitable for all skin types.

It clarifies and brightens the skin with its high vitamin ingredients. Easily gets fit on the face .It smells nice. It makes the skin smooth and elastic.

A mask set to improve the skin tone and texture. It helps to enhance and remove the damaged and rough skin. It is an amazing product.

It is a nice gel mask. It makes the skin softer. It improves the fine lines around the eyes. It is suitable for all skin types. It is totally worth the price.

 I loved this mask after using it.  It actually smells good and there are no harmful ingredients present in this pack. After applying this, the skin actually feels refreshed and relaxed. It also helps in preventing the wrinkles.

The mask is soft and it easily gets fit on the face. It has a nice smell. This mask is really good. All the pores become invisible. A perfect mask for wrinkle free skin.

This mask gives elasticity and smoothness to the skin. Skin becomes stress free and fresh providing moisture for long hours.

A 3D shaped cotton face mask which fits better than any other flat mask. It is excellent product for moisturizing and giving elasticity to the skin. No side-effects.

This mask only contains natural ingredients so it is safe for the skin. It makes the skin healthier and white in just 10-20 minutes. It removes all the wrinkles and acne of the skin.

I really loved this mask. It smells great and doesn’t fall off easily from the face. It is easy to apply. The skin gets brighter instantly. Also it doesn’t make the skin itchy or something bad like that.

This is very fun looking mask. After applying this mask, we look like fur seal while moisturizing our skin. Our skin feels healthier, clear and elastic and the skin no longer remains dry. 

A fun looking mask where I look like fox but at the same time smoothens the skin and improves the texture of the skin. 


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