Red Korean Ginseng is also called Red Panax Gieneseng extract and it grows abundantly in Korea. It has fleshy roots that have been used as herbal remedy for over 2000 years. The extract from this root has therapeutic properties that are acclaimed worldwide. This herb has a mixture of many biologically active nutrients. Natural minerals, amino acids and vitamins promote good health and improve the radiance of your skin. Skin18 has a variety of skin care products and cosmetics that use the invaluable components of Red Ginseng to their fullest advantage.

Anti-aging benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng has antioxidant and tonic that help in cellular regeneration. It improves skin’s immunity to harmful environment. It helps circulation of blood. Vitamins and other essential nutrients found in Ginseng metabolize cell function. They encourage formation of      new cells. Korean Red Ginseng tones   your skin and rejuvenates it. Thereby it makes the skin firm as well as improves elasticity. It imparts strength and vitality to skin from within. For this unique property, Skin18 in a wide variety of its products uses Ginseng. These are many creams and masks that use Ginseng extract for skin firming purpose:

    Skin Tone and Balance

    Ginseng contains gallic tannins and chlorogenic acid that are helpful in treating the shine, infection, redness, and other conditions caused by excessive sebum secretion. Species of Ginseng are proven to result in evenness of tone and luminous skin. Use the products of Skin18 that use Ginseng and revel in the beauty of blemish-free and youthful skin.

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