Mother Nature has provided us with a world of goodness. Fruits, plants, and vegetables that are naturally endowed with qualities to repair and cure. They contain ingredients that are pure and need not be checked for contamination. They work magic on our skin. Korean cosmetics and skin care products take full advantage of Nature, so that all their products are of pristine quality and are gentle on the skin.

Come summer, and cucumbers are on the top of every grocery list. These succulent and juicy vegetables have multiple health benefits, ranging from its antioxidant property to its anti -cancer properties. Cucumber extract has a special ability to reduce inflammation. For this reason, they are used extensively in Korean skin care. Skin18 has a wide array of cosmetics and skin care products that use cucumber extract.

The most redeeming property of cucumber is its ability to revitalize skin. Skin18 has face masks of cucumber from L'affair Special mask for soothing, Nature Republic Real Face Mask , Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask, Mirum Fresh Fruit Cucumber Mask, and Foodholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask. Cucumber masks help in tightening of skin.  Cucumber can also reverse tanning of skin. They have ascorbic acid that reduces water retention rates. This decreases puffiness around the eyes. Cucumber puree on skin can bring immediate relief to sun burnt skin. Korean skin care regimen makes use of cucumber to tighten skin and give it a youthful look.

Aloe Vera is referred to in ancient Egyptian civilization as a plant that bestows immortality. The Aloe vera plant has fleshy, succulent leaves that that store water in them. Aloe Vera is a power house of over 75 nutrients, many minerals, vitamins, and folic acid. These are invaluable for general health and particularly for a healthy skin. Skin18 has many cosmetics with Aloe Vera as an active ingredient.

Aloe Vera can soothe burns and inflammation of skin. Skin18 uses pure Aloe Vera gel and extract in its face mask sheets, creams, toners and emulsions. The properties of Aloe Vera aid in treating many conditions of dry skin and scalp related problems. It can be used to treat acne and helps reducing inflammation and redness of the skin greatly. The hormones in Aloe Vera have anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Let us take a look at the range of Aloe Vera products of Skin18.


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