When it comes to revolutionary skin care products, Koreans never fail to surprise. In the last couple of years, Korean skin care cosmetic became the synonym for quality, exceptional results, and affordable prices. Products that come from Korea, are pushing the boundaries, because these products contain the best possible ingredients that will nurture the skin, making it simply flawless. One of such ingredients is gold, and it is one of the main ingredients in the Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Skin Water Cream.

Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Skin Water Cream – excellent choice for whitening and wrinkles

For many ladies all around the world, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and wrinkles are among the biggest issues when it comes to facial skin. Every woman wants to have even skin tone, and beautiful, smooth, radiant, and wrinkle-free skin. One of the products that is excellent for whitening and wrinkles is Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Skin Water Cream because of the special ingredients used in the formula, which is why the cream delivers extraordinary results.

Ingredients used in the Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Skin Water Cream and their benefits for the skin

  • Korean Red Ginseng extract – red ginseng is loaded with antioxidants, and it also has anti-aging properties. Many studies have shown the amazing effects of the red ginseng extract on the skin, and issues such as redness, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. It also enhances the production of collagen, and improves the skin’s elasticity.
  • Real Gold – this cream contains 95 % real gold (12 mg). Over the centuries, gold was used in many civilizations, because of its benefits for the skin. It prevents premature aging of the skin, it stimulates the skin cells, and it reduces spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Moreover, gold improves the elasticity of the skin, it hydrates the skin, and it also maintains the level of moisture.
  • Royal Jelly – with its anti-aging properties, Royal Jelly is known as the powerful wrinkle-reducer. It also heals scars and acne.
  • Gold Silk Amino Acid –this acid reduces the wrinkles, it moisturizes the skin, and it also protects the skin from UV rays.

How to use this cream?

The cream should be applied on the face as the last step of the usual daily skin care routine. Apply the cream on the face, and massage until the skin absorbs the gold.

Powerful and effective

Because of the ingredients used, this cream delivers excellent results, and it is extremely powerful and effective for whitening and wrinkles.

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