The Korean cosmetic industry is all about nature and its harmless efficient ingredients. When it comes to this, there is no prejudice or hesitation, only centuries of persistent search for the efficient natural ingredients.

#1 Natural Ingredient – Snail Enzyme

Regardless how you may personally feel about it, proteins and glycol acids derived from the snail enzyme can do miracles for your skin care. Have you even wondered how snails heal their wounds as a result of the interaction of their soft gentile bodies and extremely rough surfaces? This enzyme can also influence your optimal skin cell regeneration. Suggested products:

#2 Natural Ingredient – Rose Oil

This may come as a little bit of a surprise to you, but roses have quite additional roles, besides the ones associated with your romantic feelings. The oil derived from roses is a genuine goldmine of vitamins A, C, powerful minerals, and efficient antioxidants. Rose oil as a part of your skin care treatment focuses on eliminating the traitorous aging signs, including annoying redness and embarrassing inflammation. Suggested product:

#3 Natural Ingredient – Bee Venom

The busy little bees have left you a gift for your skin care. Their venom can be used as a powerful ally thanks to its well-known anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. It’s worth mentioning that bee venom strongly influence your skin cell membranes, while improving circulation and production of additional collagen. The final outcome is an unprecedented reduction of skin wrinkles. Suggested product:

#4 Natural Ingredient – Sea Algae

Let’s face it, sooner or later we would’ve to pay a visit to our inevitable sea to see what the Mother Nature has left for us. The sea algae has it all, the vitamins from A to Z, literally. The compounds derived from the sea algae are the perfect solution for your dry skin. Now you know, what’s the magical ingredient of your favorite face sheet masks. Suggested products:

#5 Natural Ingredient – Tea Tree Oil

The oil we get from the miraculous tea trees can do amazing things for resolving your acne problems. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics are simply amazing. We shouldn’t forget to mention how efficiently it removes both the dirt and makeup from your face without influencing your skin’s moisture levels. This ingredient is a perfect match for sensitive skin surfaces. Suggested products:

#6 Natural Ingredient – Pig Collagen

Again, we have to ask you to put your visual prejudices aside. Believe it or not, but the pig collagen can help you maintain a youthful appearance. The Korean women are extremely grateful, because this genuine collagen helps them achieve an amazing firmness and skin elasticity. You shouldn’t hesitate even for a minute.  Suggested products:

#7 Natural Ingredient – Starfish Extract

Can you believe that starfish extracts can be so packed up with powerful collagen, calcium and various vitamins? The sea can be so generous for your skin care needs, can’t it? If starfishes can restore their lost limbs, then their extracts should do something useful for your skin care. Right? The smooth, bright and regenerated skin is the final result. Suggested products:


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