The amazing effects of Pearls to your skin

Women want to have a flawless and young skin. They want to appear young and beautiful. Looking at the growing needs and demands of the market, beauty brands are introducing new and innovative products.

Why pearl is used in beauty products?

Using pearl in the beauty products is the new trend that has come up in the beauty market. Powdered pearl is used in face and body powder .Pearl is also used in other cosmetic products. Pearl are extracted from the fresh water oysters and then ground to make it in powder form. It plays an important role in giving a beautiful look and appearance. It also leaves a shine and color on the face hence it is used in face powder or blushers and in other make up products.

Health warning

It contains mild chloride of mercury and lead. Both of these chemicals are very harmful and may cause injury to the skin. It is very unsafe to these the cosmetics containing these chemicals for a longer duration. Some pearl may also contain chalk which is again a harmful element. Pearl is used in many products like lipstick, eyeshadow, and other cream. These products are used very often by women. Hence one should be very careful in using them.

Benefits of Pearl in Cosmetics

Exfoliate: Pearl contains organic protein called Conchiolin that helps in removing the dead skin and clean deep pores. It helps reducing acne and pimples.

Skin Brightener: It is used in whitening products. Organic protein called nacre is present in pearl which whitens the skin, reduce wrinkles, sun burns, scars and gives the skin an even tone.

Moisturizer: Pearl are used in moisturizer that helps in softening the skin and making it soft. It acts as an anti-aging and removes toxins from the skin making it glow.

Luster and sheen: It gives a light luster to the skin. It is also used in cold creams to make the cream jar attractive and shiny. Pearl is also used in nail polish to give a shiny color to the nails.

When pearl is mixed with other anti-oxidants it can prove to be more effective and can generate better results for the product. It is used in many ways to bring live to dull and dry skin, to reduce wrinkle and blemishes, tighten the skin and make skin soft and smooth. However cosmetics containing pearl are more expensive than others but are more effective and server their purpose well.

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