A lot has been said and written about different skin care regimes but one always wants to know what are the secrets behind the Korean Skin care regimen’s enduring success with people from different walks of life praising it now and again.

Let’s us then go over the various benefits as is said to be gained from following the Korean regime.

As can be said about the Korean regime as well as any other skin regime it mainly depends on natural extracts and chemicals occurring naturally which give them an edge over artificial chemicals and prevent any untoward damage to our skin.


The Korean regime includes maple tree sap, snail cumin, starfish extract, rose oil, rose water as well as snake venom among others.  As can be understood that these products are completely natural as well as provide a bevy of benefits like providing important nutrients, Vitamin C and other minerals which strengthen the structure of our skin as well as protect it from any pathogenic attack and keep it hydrated and free of any skin complaints.

Let us talk about one or two products.


One is Sea Kelp which fined extensive applications in Asian cuisine but also has extensive applications in skin care as well. Its extract is hydrating, nourishing and energizing and is quite beneficial for dry skin as it can be used in Skin Sheets and applied on dry skin to provide essential nutrients to it. It binds to the skin cells and provide essential nutrients to them.

Another great product is Snake Venom which we just mentioned. It is used in products as an anti ager as it acts on skin and tricks our immune system to secrete chemicals which increase circulation in skin layers and hence reduce wrinkles and can easily be used as an alternative to Botox which many will agree can be detrimental to one’s body if not administered properly but this snake venom does not need to be injected in to the skin, just a little application on skin and it will then work its magic.

We can go on and on about various aspects of the benefits we get from using Korean skin care products but one thing is for sure that sources from which these products are manufactured from make sure we don’t lose touch with Nature.

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