What is AQUA means in Korean cosmetic? Water?

What is Water? Aqua?

Water is a colorless and tasteless liquid comprising of hydrogen and oxygen. It is also called as Aqua. Aqua is term given to purified water. In Korea it is termed as “hydrating”. Water is solvent i.e. it can be dissolved, extracted or suspended without altering other chemicals.

Dryness on skin needs ingredients that repair and rejuvenate your skin instead of those can provide moisturizing effect like “feeding” it with water. This mean key ingredient in making them are named as those with skin repairing function such as Sodium Amino Acid, Hyaluronate, Ceramides, Canola Oil, Fatty Acid, Glycerol, Shea Butter, Protein, etc.   It is found in all most all personal care products like Shampoo, Hand cream, Face wash, Body wash, Concealer, Sunscreen, Make up products etc.


Why water is used in cosmetic products?

The major reason for the term “water” being used in cosmetic products is its solvency property. Other ingredients can be easily dissolved in it and can enhance the benefits of the product. It can be used to make cream and lotions as it forms emulsions of oil and water components. Water is considered to be the heart of the cosmetic products. It keeps the skin hydrated and clear. It has all anti-aging properties that will boost youngness in the skin. Water in the cosmetic helps the product to get absorbed into the skin easily.

Water used in the cosmetics is in purified form. With the help of filtration many minerals like iron, copper, calcium etc. are removed. It should also not contain any form of impurities, toxins or pollutants. This is necessary as these minerals should not pose a negative impact on the performance of the beauty product.


What are water free cosmetic products?

Many Korean cosmetics brands are now making their beauty products water free. Instead of water other ingredients like Glycosaminoglycan or glycerin are used to make these waterless products. Research proves that water instead of hydrating dries up the skin. It evaporates from the skin making it dry. That is why it is necessary to apply a moisturizer every time after washing the face. Taking this into consideration Korean beauty brands has started producing water free products. Purified water is not added to these products but still water exists as a component in other ingredients. Water less beauty products are the new invention in beauty industry. Water fee products are more environments friendly and are sustainable. They contain more vitamins and other antioxidants that will make the product more potent. The oil and other ingredients in the products will effectively get absorbed into the skin and will not evaporate and will repair the skin, hydrate and revitalize it giving a new look and feel to it.

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