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In the skin care world, rose water has its own very special place. As the time goes by, beauty and skin care products keep getting better and more powerful, and Korea skin care products are considered to be among the best ones on the global market. With the use of natural ingredients, all carefully selected, the cosmetic products such as facial masks, toners, creams and more designed in this astonishing Asian country are pure delight for the skin. One of the most popular brands, Grinif, has an entire line called Queen of Rose, with many wonderful products that contain rose water as the main ingredient. blog-banner_750w200h_20150612-qeen-of-rose

Benefits of rose water for the skin

Before you learn more about the most amazing Queen of Rose line, discover some of the benefits of the rose water for the skin.
  • Rose water is an ideal solution for those who have issues such as eczema, dermatitis and acne
  • It heals wounds, cuts and scars
  • It regenerates the skin cells and tissues
  • It makes skin cells stronger
  • It moisturizes, revitalizes and hydrates the skin
  • Rose water prevents fine lines and wrinkles
  • It maintains the pH balance of the skin
  • Rose water provides anti-bacterial properties and improves the skin tone
  • It’s nourishing the skin.
With all its benefits, it’s pretty clear that rose water leads to flawless skin, which is certainly something that everyone would love to have.  

Queen of Rose water toner

gri-scton001 This water toner is perfect for dry skin. It provides elasticity to the skin, makes it firm and tight. It is rich with vitamins, and it will protect your skin from all kinds of external irritants. It revitalizes the facial skin, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, and hydrates.

Queen of Rose water serum

gri-scser001 Water serum is excellent for freckles and wrinkles. It whitens the skin, and delivers moisture and hydration, while providing anti-aging actions. With the Queen of Rose water serum, skin will be wrinkle free, clear, vivid and bright.

Queen of Rose water lotion

gri-sclot001 Another powerful product is the water lotion. It provides moisturizing effect, which is highly important for dry and rough skin. Delivers elasticity, and it’s perfect for those who have fine lines and wrinkle issues.

Queen of Rose water eye cream

 gri-sceye001 Eye cream is perfect for eye brightening, it moisturizes the skin, reduce wrinkles, and delivers multi total care effect. It absorbs in minutes. The skin appearance will be significantly enhanced.

Queen of Rose water cream

gri-sccre001 Water cream is full of nutrition and water that the skin requires. It nourishes the skin, hydrates, protects and makes the skin brighter, smooth and beautiful. It contains anti-aging ingredients.


If you think that it’s the right time to change something in your home facial treatment, and to try something new, than Korean innovative skin care might be exactly what you have been looking for. With all the benefits that rose water has, you should consider Queen of Rose products, since they are powerful, and highly beneficial for your facial skin. Skin18 offers Girnif Queen of Rose line that contains rose water at affordable prices.
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