Why is rice water so good for your skin

Why is rice water so good for your skin

Why is rice water so good for your skin?

Traditionally, rice water was used for skin care in eastern countries, especially China, India, and Japan. Recent studies show that rice water does have many properties that can help to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

In fact, rice water is a comprehensive solution to almost all skin problems. It can be an effective moisturizer as well as a skin-toner.  The pores increase in size when one ages, and this makes the skin look unpleasant. These pores can be reduced with something as simple and inexpensive as rice water. Rice water also reduces age spots and makes the skin lighter as well as brighter. The circulation on the face and other parts of the body improves because of rice water too. Anti-oxidants in rice water give the skin a healthy and fresh look. This is the reason more women in the east have smoother and softer skins and an even tone. Rice water has no distinct smell or scent of its own. Therefore, combining it with natural herbs, flowers, and fruits is possible. The smell of lavender is therefore not overshadowed by the scent of rice water, and the scent of lime also comes up prominently when used with rice water.

The reason rice water is capable of so much is because it is full of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.  Primary agents in Rice water are vitamin E and B vitamins, apart from some amino acids. But in addition to these vitamins, rice water also has many other agents including carbohydrates, and traces of pitera. Pitera is that compound which keeps the skin looking young and supple because it is capable of cell regeneration.  The glow on the skin is because of the amino acids. Slight fermentation improves the pH which then helps in making the tone more even. Though there are plenty of minerals, vitamins, etc., in rice water, these are in limited quantities. Therefore when one uses rice water as a substitute soap, cleanser, moisturizer, toner, he or she can rest assured that no harm will be done. There are no reactions with the skin, other than those desired.

Different ways of using rice water for skin care are being recorded and tried. Because this is a topical application which dries away naturally, it does not feel as if something is applied at all. Such an application can also work as a sunscreen to an extent.

Unlike most of the contemporary skin care concoctions, rice water need not be used regularly though regular use has excellent results. The skin becomes tighter, radiant, and softer with regular usage. Most skin care routines with rice water such as body scrubbing, can be done once a week or once in a fortnight. Moreover, fermented rice water can also be used and it is a good cleanser.

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