Skin care Ingredients detail review: Bamboo

Whoever would have thought that there is some relationship between Bamboo and skin care? But it is true that Bamboo extracts are good for treating skin, nails, and hair. There are people suffering with psoriasis and eczema who have found relief with these extracts. The special ingredient in Bamboo is of course silica. This silica extract when applied on the skin improves its ability to absorb minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. When the skin gets such chemicals without waiting for it to arrive from the digestive system, it shows visible improvement in looks and feel. This is the reason many Korean skin care businesses include Bamboo extracts in different creams, lotions, and other preparations.

The extracts from Bamboo soothe the skin and have anti-irritation properties. The anti-oxidants present in bamboo extract is very good for preventing wrinkles and other aging symptoms. 

The silica in Bamboo improves hair shine too. The Bamboo extracts also helps to remove dirt, grime, dead cells, and even excess oil, making the hair look lustrous. Therefore, hair conditioners and shampoos from Korea often include such extracts. Such cleansing abilities of silica in bamboo extracts makes such extracts a useful addition in lotions and some serums for the skin.

Because of silica Bamboo extracts is good for nails and teeth as well. In fact, it is said to be good for muscles as well as the skeletal system. It can reduce bad cholesterol as well as triglycerides. While this property is not directly related to skin care, if the person is healthy, the skin reflects such health.

An example of Bamboo extracts in skin care products are as follow (available at

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