What will happen if we do not clean our face?
What will happen if we do NOT clean the face


We all know that it is important to wash our face well, but there are many people who is too lazy to wash their faces at night. We probably never thought about it, but what would happen if we do not wash and clean our face properly? Using the incorrect face wash / cleanser can also lead to big skin problem? That is an interesting question, and its answer is going to highlight the importance of proper face care even more.

Remove the Dead Skin Cells

For starters washing and cleaning our face properly helps to remove the dead skin cells that are present, along with bacteria, pollutants, and dirt. These gross layers are there, even though they are not easily visible at first. But if we were to refrain from washing our face properly they layer is going to grow thicker and this will lead to irritation and acne.

Do not be surprise that there are many adults who take following actions:

  • Too lazy to wash the face, maybe only once in 3-5 days.
  • Do not use cleanser, just water.
  • Use the WRONG cleanser such as body soap.
  • Use old towel with lots of growing bacteria.  (It is easy to tell, a towel will have a strange smell when bacteria is growing)
Above actions will lead to same result as not washing the face.  External dirt will further increase the production of the skin cells, and this mixture of sebum, dead skin cells and sweat will end up blocking the follicles, leading to more bacteria, inflammation and acne breakouts. It would end up being a vicious circle.
The face is the first impression for people interaction which needs special care for protection.  It is also the first thing to show aging.

What is the right way to wash the face?

Having said that it is important that when washing your face you do it the right way. Some people do it too vigorously or use the wrong products, and this could ultimately lead to more problems.

In reality you cannot wash your face too much, in that you should not overdo it. Otherwise your skin will end up getting too dry since you would be stripping away too much oil from your skin, and that it not recommended either.  

A daily wash in the morning and night time is the standard frequency for majority of people, in fact, for some people with dry skin, it is better to wash their face only once a day.  Whereas for people with oily skin, it is better to wash their face more often. 

Most important key is to use the correct product to heal the pore problem for dry / oily skin.

  • Mar 23, 2017
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