What if I dont wash my face

What if I dont wash my face

We don’t like to wear unclean clothes and unclean shoes. We don’t like to use unclean dishes for eating and unclean homes for living. Then, what about our delicate part of our body, our face?

Well, washing is not the perfect word when it comes to face. We wash clothes, dishes, etc. But washing our face sounds embarrassing. We actually cleanse our face using certain washes, gels or foams. Skin experts have devised a beauty regime for improving and maintaining our skin health. This regime is known as cleansing , toning and moisturizing.

The first step of cleansing is very essential to get a flawless, clean and soft skin. As we know, there are different skin types such as dry skin, oily skin and combination skin. People with any skin type should cleanse their face.

Our skin is exposed to constant dust, sun exposure, dirt, pollution, wind, and unknown particles. Moreover, women also apply makeup on their faces regularly to look beautiful. Unknowingly, we apply a dozen of chemicals that may or may not be harmful for our skin. The main crux behind this is that our skin needs external cleansing on regular basis.

Our skin consists of various layers. It contains small pores . If we don’t wash our face, these pores are opened and all kinds of external substances fill in these pores . As a result, skin starts suffering from problems such as acne, excessive oily skin, blemishes, spots, etc. Hence, it is essential to clean our face so that the pores are open and clear.

Thus, face cleansingis essential to achieve the following advantages:

  • It assists in removing makeup. As makeup stays for all the day, it is advisable to wash face every night. The pores won’t get blocked and the skin can breathe properly.
  • It helps in removing oil. Our skin secretes sebum which collects on the skin surface and blocks the pores . Hence, face must be washed every day. People having oily skin or acne must wash face twice a day.
  • It assists in removal of dead skin cells. Skin needs to be exfoliated. Though harsh exfoliation is not recommended, face needs to be cleansed with a mild face wash or cleansing foam.
  • People suffering from skin disorders such as acne, or irritated skin must wash their face regularly.

Thus, if we don’t wash our face, our skin pores get opened and are exposed to external substances like dirt, dust, etc. Clogging of pores is harmful for the skin.

  • Jul 26, 2018
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